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Anonymous and LulzSec spew out largest ever police data dump


Vague law is Vague

Simply asking an officer his badge number could be considered eliciting information useful to [insert bogeyman of choice here]. Section 58a is a joke, as is the law for the most part.

Full-body scanner blind to bomb parts


Typo and some

"Unarguable. And distressing on a number of different levels, from exploding aircraft to exploding security costs"


Anyone with a few brain cells knows these things are useless. They wouldn't have stopped crotchbomber, they wouldn't have stopped 9/11 and if they used them for them for public transport, they wouldn't have stopped 7/7 (probably not good to give them ideas). Begs the question that apart from lining some pockets, what are they good for?

NASA orbiter returns first shots of Apollo moon sites

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There is no moon

But seriously, these pics are supposed to be proof of what? I've seen more convincing pictures of tellytubbies on the moons surface. than this pile of crap.

Riot police raid birthday barbecue for 'all-night' Facebook tag



6 cars were stolen, 1 person was raped, there were 3 burgleries and 4 other violent crimes were commited.

Oh and someone somewhere smoked a joint, or 3.

KDE hopes to fill boots with 4.2 release


The punchline?

A Windows man, a Linux man and a Mac man walk into a bar...

They ask for 3 pints. The barman gives the Windows a 90% full glass and charges him £3.50. The barman gives the Mac guy a full glass, but charges him £8.50. He then gives the Linux man some barley, hops a bit of yeast, a glass, and a book on brewing beer and tells him to do it himself.

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users

Gates Horns


@Brian Gannon

"They are only going to throttle those breaking their terms and condition by downloading illegal material."

And they will know this how? How will know the difference between the lastest Fedora live cd and the latest piece of hollywood trash? What if I rename that bit of hollywood trash to Fedora10_x64_Live.iso, what then? Will they have some massive database of torrent hash data and check every single bittorrent connection against those hashes? Lastly, if p2p is that widespread, then all you whiners crying about bittorrent this and freetard that are the minority. If the internet was left up to you tards we'd all still be on dialup because there would be little need for uber capacity. Get over yourselves, dismount your high horse and set it to pasture.