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Microsoft moves to dampen Xbox 360 scratch fears


Only scratching when moved?

Not the anecdotal evidence I have seen. Many people reporting scratching discs even when stationary.

Looks like Microsoft are trying to defuse the situation with their usual lies and downplayment...

Anyone remember this classic???


Xbox iPhone to welcome Metal Gear Solid

Paris Hilton

Oh how we laughed...

At all the Xbox fanboys and their wishful thinking. Nobody had the heart to break the news to them, that the symbol they decided must mean that MGS4 was coming to their favorite white turd of a chavbox360, is also present on 99% of all consumer electronics (including the PS3, PSP and iPhone).

What's even funnier, is now that it's not coming again, their tune has changed to "we didn't want it anyway"...

Paris, because even she is not that thick, and even she knows like IGN does, that the PS3 had better games in 2008, and less crap than all the other consoles. - http://uk.ps3.ign.com/articles/939/939461p2.htmlhttp:cles/939/939461p2.html

Sony prepping PSP 4000?

Gates Horns


You would have to be an idiot to sit waiting for this, as it's purely lame Internet rumour.

EA misled gamers with Wii Woods ad, says watchdog

Gates Horns

Who cares..

Anyone that buys a Wii is clearly a clueless idiot anyway, lead into buying any old crap by slick marketing. I mean they weren't interesting in the Wii when it was called Gamecube and was in a different coloured box. Make it white, tell everyone it's so popular that you won't be able to find one anywhere, and bobs yer uncle...

i-Sheep or x-Zombies are the common terms for these people, i believe..

Microsoft issues emergency patch warning for IE


re: Opera is good but uncustomisable

Want to expand that? Having used both browsers, Opera has a massive amount of customization options, many more than Firefox. In addition, it does not support the security nightmare that Extensions create.

I don't believe Firefox can do this...



Patch has been released.

Go Grab it: www.opera.com

It also fixes future problems too..

Opera releases update for 'extremely severe' vulns


The point is..

Only Opera patches things in a timely manner. It still has zero unpatched vulnerabilities. Even Firefox with it's opensource code has loads of nasty unfixed problems.

Gamer recovers Xbox 360 using controller


re: Me thinks someone is stretching the truth...

Isn't this just more of Microsofts press manipulation, getting sites to mention Xbox360 in the runup to Xmas...

Europe-wide emergency number is go


Great job.

Asking 10 people in my office is anyone knew the Europe-wide emergency number, nobody knew it. Had a few guesses, 911, 999, 000 and so forth...

Perhaps they need to spend a tad more on advertising....

Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims

Gates Horns

Typical Microsoft

Blame the customer. There is large amounts of anecdotal evidence that says it's not moving the 360 that scratches the discs, and that the 360 just decides it does not like your disc anymore. No movement required...

Still I suppose it gives the Xbox lovers out there a reason to let Microsoft off the hook (again) for making shoddy hardware...