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Doctor Who's Flatline: Cool monsters, yes, but utterly limp subplots

William Oakley

"suddenly have the power – literally at their fingertips! – to turn other things 3D; brain-mushingly idiotic."

Actually this isn't quite what happened. They could turn things 2D (which was central to the plot) and also turn them back again. Crucially they could not turn 2D things into 3D things, hence how Clara saved the day.

Having said all that the monsters were developed way too fast. They could have explored a lot more what they could do as purely 2D monsters (perhaps as a two parter) before they became pretty generic baddies.

It's hardly strange that Missy's bit feels tacked on, after all it was probably a bit that Moffat added to Mathieson's story. Although it is strangely reminiscent of purgatory from Being Human. I like these overarching story lines, but they don't seem to be weaved in to the episodes as well as in the Amy Pond era.

William Oakley

So you get iPads in the afterlife? The only question is it Heaven or is it Hell?

BBC Vision and Audio tossed on bonfire, replaced by 'TV', 'Radio'

William Oakley

Re: What's a radio?

Isn't a laptop something you carry around all day but only actually use on a desk?

William Oakley


Surely "over 6 figures" would imply 7 figures?

Boffins working on biodegradable flexi LED implants

William Oakley


Foreseen over 30 years ago in the orginal Rogue Trader source book.

Google protects Colonel Sanders' privacy

William Oakley

Same with Kings Head

Google protecting innocent pubs..

Gordo's mobe interrupts economic summit

William Oakley


The interesting thing is that it shows he can actually smile!

Blogger can't sue over comment, rules High Court

William Oakley


If he deletes the comment then, no, he cannot prove defamation has taken place. This is because defamation has not taken place and there is no case.

The claimant should prefer that no defamation takes place, rather than defamation has taken place and he recieves compensation. The only reason the claimant would prefer the latter is if he was greedy and the compensation exceeded the damages done to him.

Harvard prof slams US nut allergy hysteria

William Oakley


"Can you produce any evidence at all that kids born or conceived "artificially" will be less healthy than those conceived "naturally"?"

Well generally the artifical methods are only used after natural methods have failed. If natural methods have failed that is in effect Nature being "intelligent" and selecting against the potential offspring. This may not be statistical evidence but I suspect it will sway most intelligent people, and I'm sure that evidence is there if you look.


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