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Xbox iPhone to welcome Metal Gear Solid

Spencer Davies

Re: Anonymous Coward

Why would i want to play a game on an Iphone when ive played it in all its glory on a Ps3?

Last time i checked Ps3 was a hell more powerful than an a Iphone so im sure i got the best experience possible.

Reports claimed that they had trouble putting it onto a single blu ray disk which is 50GB..Further research shows it was a min of around 33GB with a 4.6GB install to disc. The Blu Ray image size is 46.6GB.

Xbox uses the DVD system..4.7GB discs..you would need like 7 discs to get the game going!..have you seen how long the cutscenes are!...Also the "time to change disc" cutscene on the game which mentions that you are using a Ps3 system would have to be either taken out or revamped..which would riun the novelty.

Spencer Davies

Here's The Bit Where We All Laugh

Music to my ears...Iphone gets another pointless app/game and 360 still doesnt get the game..couldn't be happier..puts a smile on my face owning all 3 consoles :)

I imagine it would have been difficult to port across anyway because the sheer size of the game..you would have like 4 DVD's!

Microsoft issues emergency IE patch as attacks escalate

Spencer Davies

Re @Spencer Davies

Ive been running the same setup for just over 6 years now and had no particular threats..only threat i have is configuring my dreamcast to accept xbox live which is a pain.

My parents machine downstairs is probably the most likely to get hacked as he goes off a different broadband connection all together and he just uses a plain firewall (Windows to my dismay)

Anyway back to main subject.

I believe you cant stop using IE all together because if i remember correct, Its intergrated into the shell..Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, etc.

Spencer Davies

With IE Being The Industry Standard Browser,Whats New

I don't touch IE since it went to 7..loved 6.

Now on Opera..Best and most secure out there in my opinion.

If a hacker can get past a normal linksys firewall, a sega dreamcast turned into a firewall, nod32 firewall and windows firewall then they are damn good!.

AMD spins dual-core Phenom Cartwheel

Spencer Davies
IT Angle


My family is pretty much split down the line when it comes to what powers it with the processor..mine is a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Black Edition whilst my parents is a Celeron Dual Core (Core 2 chip, but with lower cache and the Celeron name"

I will be upgrading to a phenom at some stage next year, So i will be very interested to see how this pans out.

AMD need something to get back into the market.

The £3 phone

Spencer Davies
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Does The Job

Talk about counting the pennies lol.

But if it does the job at the end of the day, Very cost effective.

2008's top three netbooks

Spencer Davies


I am curious to know why the Samsung NC10 isn't on that list..It's probably the best netbook ive seen out at the moment.

2008's top three MP3 players

Spencer Davies

It's About The Quality Of The Sound, Not The Looks Or Features!

Like Sam York was saying, At the end of the day, You buy a MP3 player to play back music..In my opinion, I would look for which has the best potential for the sound output, not how many features that are on it.

I have a Zen Vision M 60GB (Brilliant for video and can playback up to HD quality) and soon I will be getting a Sony NWZ-S639FB 16GB (£75 at dabs.com) because the reviews on the net say the sound is very good.

I have had an Apple video 30gb, I've had a nano as well, Nice style...But thats about it in my eyes...My Zen Vision M beats it for sound everytime...Also the Itunes use to Apple is very negative in my eyes as instead getting any other brand where you can use it pretty much with any program (MediaMonkey, Media Player, Etc)

People today seem to think that if its not made by Apple it's instantly crap compared to it (prepares for fanboy-ness to come in).

From a neutral view...Would you rather pay £127 to 150 for a 16gb ipod nano or would you rather pay £75 a 16gb Sony NWZ-S639FB...Half the price..Better sound quality which has been said in many reviews across the net...Most people would say no brainer.

4 Years ago I would agree that apple probably had the best lot out there for looks and sound quality..But times have changed, Companies such as Sony know that they cant charge top money for the name (remember their viao range?)..They lowered their price, more sales...Apple still charge a premium and in my opinion it no longer offers value for money.

2008's top three touchscreen phones

Spencer Davies
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I would say the Samsung Omnia Is Better Than The Iphone

Some odd choices up there, Thats for sure.

My gripe is that the Omnia is not up there.

5 Megapixel Camera

8 or 16GB build in HDD

Windows Mobile (Dont know whether that is an advantage lol)


Expandable Memory


Smile Detection

MMS SENDING *Cough Iphone*

Motion sensor


Opera browser.

No Zune phone at CES, says Microsoft

Spencer Davies

Does It Really Matter? The UK Wouldn't See It Anyway!

Like with all the Zunes, The people in the UK would have to import as usual...So why release something like that anyway?.


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