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Top 500 supers – The Dawning of the GPUs

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These benchmarks...

..mean nothing.

Canadian mobe firm sued over disappearing husband

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Not American

New attack bypasses virtually all AV protection

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Yup - Not new and the research was stolen


'Curiosity' nuclear Mars tank passes key tech test

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So I imagine this Tank...

...will land in the middle of nowhere?

As apposed to the poles.

Google Buzz accused of EPIC FAIL

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can I shoot the author...

...who used the term "Epic Fail".

El Reg sparks international incident with Olympics committee

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AT&T won't...

.. be handling any network traffic; As they are an American company and the Olympics are held in Canada.

Video surfaces of alleged Apple tablet

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why a title?

The only real use I have found for my tablet is reading/surfing while in bed.

Thieves target BT cables as scrap value rises

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Well here in Calgary...

... when you take scrap in you have to produce 2 forms of ID (mostly just your drivers license).

UK Border Agency suspends 'flawed' asylum DNA testing

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You know it's a matter.....

... of time before these experiments are conducted on the general populus

Microsoft apologizes for digital head transplant

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Cool story bro.

Don't you just hate that?

It's the new "FAIL".

Or is it - "+1"?

Pirate Bay sinks under electric storm

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Uhm yes...

We do want law enforcement and judicial systems taking the time on software piracy.

I don't work long hours just to see something I worked on being put up for free; While my company are laying people off....

Really can we just shoot these people.

Grenade nuke em all

Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers

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I agree...

... with what the majority are saying.

Just leave the thing alone and stop tinkering with it.

Firefox 3.5 gets third release candidate

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@ Sailfish

I owe you one.

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I remeoved it...

... don't like it for the simple reason that there is a icon for adding new tabs in the tab bar; For me I found it visually annoying :/

Did a search and found info about it, but to no avail as to how to remove the icon or at least hide it.

BTW I found no speed improvements from 3.0.11 - Maybe it's just me or I can't differentiate instant from instant...

F*%@ warez pirates!

Boffins: Gigantic crustacean sperm is 'viable strategy'

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Nice choice of words....

... did you hire the Inq's funny writer?

Broadband tax of £6 per year to fund rural fibre rollout

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Do people still use landlines?

From what I've read those who have a home phone are to pay the tax - So if you got a mobile as your main phone and say cable internet you're not gonna pay?

Chinese Green Dam pilfers open source too

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Elementary my dear Watson

"Why is a, we're told, IP-based blocking tool, including 'human face detection' components ?!?"

To filter out porn image search, etc....

"Actually makes calls back to Solid Oak servers"

To update the filters, IPs, image tags etc....

You know it really is unfair that the Chinese are able to do this (and countless other copycat crap).

The WTO (or some other .org) should do something

EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises

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Gates Halo

if I were MS...

.. I'd stop shipping to the EU all together, stop updates, stop selling any piece of software, block any EU country from trying to enter any MS websites (except Bing of course), stop selling Xbox, etc...

Tell the EU to F-OFF.

Then Nuke China&India with Windows.

Not that I love MS or anything; it's just the the EU commission are non-elected W@nk stains...

Save us Bill, come back.......

Animal rights group protests seal clubbing in World of Warcraft

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PETA are full of it!


Some tasty info there about these con artists....

BT puts the 'free' back into 'freephone'

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In the UK we pay for all phone calls....

....one way or another.


When I lived in the UK a person phoning your mobile payed for the call - Not sharing the charge with the receiver of the call as what happens here in Canada.

Or have things changed?

Wrong kind of winter brings England to a halt

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It's official....

.... the southern English really are ghey as in ghey puffs who can't deal with a mm of snow.

Come here to Canada and see how we live for 6 months of the year with foot upon foot of the stuff - Really no problem.

BBC pumps 60 quid a head into Gaelic

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BBC Poland...

... broadcast just in Edinburgh - I'm sure they'll get a lot of viewers then !

Kaspersky Lab denies panic mongering

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Would the press be liable?

If someone believed their story and lost revenue, man hours, turned off their phone etc...

Kanye West blames Gmail hijack for bisexual porn hoax

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Paris Hilton

The guy is a Turd-Fancier

I'm glad they got him

>Paris as she should be his I.T. security

Paris Hilton website violated by Trojan-spreaders

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Paris Hilton

Paris™® forecasts massive Q1 hotness drop

Paris™® has warned that her "Hotness™®" will fall sharply below previous estimates due to collapsing demand from her users and sex-tape makers in the global recession.

In a December conference call with people who care, Paris™® projected a "Hotness™®" decline of about 32.1 per cent during Q1 of '09.

Music labels in talks with Hulu

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Hulu is easy to....

...get outside of the US.

Proxy - That's all.

They used 'em, you reeled: the year's most overused phrases

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Epic Fail

is indeed the most annoying phrase I've heard

Aussie protests over Great Firewall

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Thumb Down

Nanny cell block H

Aus, huh?

I've read a few things about yer country trying its best to help its citizens out with things that they need help in....

I got a GF last night by using IDHarmony by matching our Bio-thingy and barcode details...