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IFPI wants another stab at OiNK


Save the legal fees

Perhaps the IFPI should have a word with ex-users of OiNK who would be more than happy to tell them about how excellent the site was. How any album or song you could think of was available in any number of high quality formats in an instant. How it was easy to discover new music through recommendations and how it was totally user-dependent.

Ask any ex-user and I'm sure the majority of them would be happy to pay £5-10 a month for the pleasure of such a 'legal' service. I suggest this is where they should put their money, infact, they could probably ask Ellis to help them with the project.

Zuckerberg pictures exposed by Facebook privacy roll-back

Big Brother

A better ending

Users who would rather retain control on who can see their pictures or other personal information would do well to steer clear of Facebook.

Channel 4 raises Bing word-extinction alarm



"reputable tweets"

I wonder if this phrase would appear if I searched bing for 'oxymoron'.

Pig plague could crash interwebs, say US feds

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US feds

Looks like a sensationalist ploy to gather public support for the case against net neutrality. Who'd have thought that the hysteria around the dreaded Swine Flu could affect us here online! Surely saturday mornings are just as busy for the old internet, as millions awaken to check their favourite websites as they nurse their hangovers with a huge mug of coffee.

To me, it seems a good idea if "stock brokers" couldn't work from home anyway. It'd mean they're gambling and loosing less money!

Alleged Romanian phishers (finally) hauled into US courts

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US Justice

>countries without strong treaties with the United States

Long may these countries remain this way.

>authorities first must build strong cases against the suspects

Good grief, it's almost as if they're presumed not guilty until proven otherwise!

Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats

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If only Chinese routing wasn't so bad to Europe.

But yes, I agree with your point. Much like how there were plenty of Chinese hackers in the US defence systems (just as Gary McKinnon was), yet the US govt. would much rather have us bend over backwards to their demands than upset the Chinese. They can do what they like.

UK tech quango eyes 10Gbit broadband


About time

It's about time some investment was made into this type of infrastructure for the UK. As somebody previously mentioned, nobody has 10gE ethernet at home - yet. The fact is that installing a network like this will be future proof.. not like the 40mbit/s rubbish BT is attempting to pass off as 'next generation'.

100mbit connections (with 100mbit upload speeds too) are available in several countries already, to the consumer, some even offering gbit connectivity too. It's not impossible - something like JANET but for every home in the UK. Get on with it!

Virgin Media opens bandwidth choke for 50Mb launch

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And according to the website, the upload speed is slipped in the small print as "up to 1.5Mb".

The ratio of ~192kb/s upload speed to a ~6mb/s download speed is absolutely rubbish! I know that most people don't need much of an upload speed but please.. this is just ridiculous. I for one won't be upgrading to this.

Some examples to VM's 50MB/1.5MB: lyse.no offer 50MB/50MB, Ucom.jp offer 100MB/100MB and Verizon.us offer 50MB/20MB.. this seems alot fairer to me. All UK isp's seem to suffer from poor upload speeds, I think it's about time this changed.