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Apple gets patent for ‘unlock gesture’


notification pulldown

maybe google should prior art patent the notification pull down screen and make apple remove it from all their 4s phones...#

when will the madness end...

Driver San Francisco


works for me

Im a great gt5 fan and gta fan, and I loved this. the demo is dissapointing. But with a few beers and a pizza on order we didnt turn off once for another game. It kept us entertained all night!

BBC apologises for Top Gear outrage


mocking stereotypes

making jokes about stereotypes is irony. its aimed at people who know the stereotype to not be true.

thats the joke - because we know better. I see everyone is ignoring the fact they failed to bleep one of the aussies saying the B word while upside down at 8.10pm? that okay then for 10yr old kids to hear foul language? still available at 11:26 on iplayer....

Mozilla plans 'Do Not Track' bottle-stopper for private surfers

Thumb Down

killing the internet

I have a website with cookies. it provides real and popular info that people enjoy visiting. I offer products around the subject for sale. you choose if its of interest. I pay to host this site from the income it generates.

Stick on ad blockers and cookie tracking blockers and my site is too costly to run, so I will shut down and people will loose a useful resource on the subject.


the majority of cookies are harmless and help support sites to keep open. but dont block them because big chunks of information will just vanish...

Ten... dirt-cheap voice phones


spiro zero

I just had a spiro, but took it back after two days. The plasitic is closer to playdo in quality, and the voices on the other end might as well be coming from the other side via weegy board for sound quality. If you only buy a phone for voice, then it should at least be able to do that.

I liked the change to a simple charger output and a 3.5 jack, but the so called usb port doesnt connect to anything Ive ever seen. For £10 more the zygo (with £10 rebate on the PAYG sim) is a far better quality product

Google borgs 3D desktop



the future is 3d, and now the desktop is already ready.

Sony sued for dropping Linux from PS3


no one using it

still no comments from anyone actually using the feature? I for one dont give a flying. and no it doesnt effect the prime purpose. to play games. its not like removing touch screen from ipod. its like a new iphone having a slightly different shape destroying the existing clip on accessory market - until they redesign them.

I for one - dont care - nor support the waste of resource allowing it to become a lawsuit.

Tories may scrap IR35 tax rules for contractors


its not tax avoidance.

its not a con to buy a PC and claim things against tax! permie - free PC, free Desk, free coffee, all paid by company incomes before tax.

why should a contractor be different? my home pc, my coffee perks, my desk - should all be supplied the same way - out of pretax income.

and dont go assuming is over paid IT people, there are many non IT roles that are effected, and IT roles dont have to pay £500 a day, most I can bid for these days pay the same rate as the permies who get a free month holiday and health car thrown in.

Google says ad blockers will save online ads


no ads, no websites

The blunt truth is that many websites could not stay in business without advertising, if more ways are used to block them, they will just close down.

Critics aim to sink Titanic ice cubes


Humour is a cure

I laugh at anything, I appreciate it isnt always my taste, but so what? Humour is a proven medical tonic to sadness. Bring on the cardboard twin towers and polystyrene jumbo elastic powered planes game, with realistic explosion effects for direct hits.

If you cant laugh at the titanic 100 years later, what hope is there for happiness? I dont want to live in a world where I cant laugh.

Snoop Dogg pimps self out on TomTom


lies all lies

First mega star? has everyone forgotten John Cleese? been on tomtom voices for years.

oh - and you can get a fake ozzy osbourne by an impersonator.

Nintendo whacked with $5m Wii strap lawsuit


blame the lawyers

it sint the stupidity of the claimant, its the american legal system. a british lawyer wouldnt take up the case, it wouldnt make it through due dilegence procedures, and therefore not get filed a s a legitimate claim, thats what it is for.

You are responsible for your own actions. If you thought the strap wasnt sufficient - you shouldnt have used it and returned it to the shop.

good grief america, sort your system out! leave manafacturers alone when it is blatantly not its fault.


thats an expensive telly

Why do americans always find a way to sue even when its their own fault?

I dont care if the strap is rubbish or not, if you throw things toward your oversized TV, then let go , guess what - its your fault.

and if your tv cost £5 million to replace - your a sucker in the first place ;)


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