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How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008

Steve Wilkinson
Paris Hilton

World of Jedi

I would love to see a Star Wars franchise MMORPG - all those childhood dreams of having my own TIE Advanced (the Empire having much cooler uniforms - much like the Germans did inWWII).

Now if the gang at Blizz could use the same engin as WoW I guess they would be on a winner. Could even expanded it further - each "realm" as in the WoW structure could be handled as a seperate star system and the PvP could be truely interstella!!

Paris = cos of her Massive Mulitples Online...

HP boxes Mother Earth into submission

Steve Wilkinson

More packaging oddness....

Imagine my surprise, when opening a box of smellies ordered from Lush cosmetics, to find that instead of the usual polystyrene bits, or plastic bags full of air it was in fact packed in popcorn

Yes I mean real, edible (as proved by my 18 month old son before I could stop him), popcorn - WTF??


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