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Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

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@Dave Ross

Or how quickly you can hit it

Ron Howard accuses Pope of scuppering Dan Brown movie

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To late

"The Da Vinci Coeds", a ruthless and unscrupulous professor has his way with female undergraduates unable to distinguish the profound from the bogus. Opening in theatres worldwide July!"

Already been done http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1280507/

"Three sexy spies are tasked with tracking down a coed who can unlock the scandalous secret to a ring that holds the power to spark people's carnal desires in this adult adventure."

Lloyd-Webber calls for clampdown on ISPs

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Lies, damned lies, and statistics

If you look at the figures that ERA ( Entertainment Retailers Association) put out. The percentage change in unit sales 2007/2008 for music is down 1.9% to 88m units, however the the retail value is down by 6.9%. Video unit sales 2007/2008 are up 3.8% and retail value is only up 0.1%.

Downloads now account for 96% of singles sales (by volume) and as at December 2008 7% of album sales

So not all bad news for the Entertainment industry, just bad news for the shops that are selling phyiscal units

SEC: Magical stock brokering software was a fraud

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pendant speaks


Infinitive to mislead

Third person singular misleads

Simple past misled

Past participle misled

Present participle misleading

to mislead (third-person singular simple present misleads, present participle misleading, simple past and past participle misled)

1. To deceive by telling something that is not true.

2. To say something for purpose of causing the receiver to think or act in a certain way.

3. To lead astray.

Israelis develop 'safe' plutonium: good for power, bad for weapons

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Thats good news - however

A large amount of work has been done on the solvent extraction of americium, as it is the case that americium and the other transplutonium elements are responsible for the majority of the long lived radiotoxicity of spent nuclear fuel. It is thought that by removal of the americium and curium that the used fuel will only need to be isolated from man and his environment for a shorter time than that required for the isolation of untreated used fuel. One recent EU funded project on this topic was known by the codename "EUROPART". Within this project triazines and other compounds were studied as potential extraction agents

NASA shops for new Moon spacesuits and landers

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You don't need spacesuits to walk around a sound stage in Area 51

Brits and Yanks struck with embarasment embarrassment

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If GH can stand for P in Hiccough

If OUGH can stand for O in Dough

If PHTH can stand for T in Phthisis

If EIGHT can stand for A in Neighbour

If TTE can stand for T in Gazette

If EAU can stand for O in Plateau

Then the way you spell POTATO is .....


Isn't IT???

Breakthrough paint blocks top-end spectrum

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@Farmer Hackit

Yup Lead based paints FTW

Council to crack down on Cracknuts Lane

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That's a Chage of Address for me then

Since I live in DogPool Lane

YouTube 'poisoned baby food' hoaxer pleads guilty

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No, its like shouting Fire in a theatre, which dispite a claim of free speach is illealge

Minister confirms low Lorenzo usage

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So what does that work out at, about 1m per user or higher?

Grove: Intel should make electric car batteries

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re Monty Cantsin

no I ask for a glass of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Germany tests tadpole airship

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A bit low

65 feet is a bit low for cruising height