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You did what? The trials of supporting remote users

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Too many to tell in one post, but I think this one rates right near the top and occured just last week.

Client calls complaining their boss can't receive emails on his brand-new Blackberry. He's in Aruba (you should already know where this is going).

Not knowing how things were configured, I remoted into the client's PC to see if he's using the Blackberry Desktop manager. It's installed, but noticed there isn't a PIN assocated with it. Then I realized that they don't use Exchange, just POP accounts hosted off of customer prem.

Then it dawned on me that his phone provider must be doing POP for him. So I ask:

"Can he access the Internet on his phone?"

"I dunno, we're trying to call him back, but his cell-phone isn't working."

I'm still trying to figure out how he called his office (Had to be from a hotel phone).

PH cause even SHE knows how cell-phones work.

US to postpone analog TV death

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@ Anonymous Coward

"...Power outage?"

I have a generator and battery backups galore. :) Doesn't any true geek have those? ;)

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Oh good grief!

Just shut the damn things off on Feb. 17 already! We've had over a year to prep for this. Adverts all over television (both cable and off-air), live tests...

Even though I have cable, I got my coupons and redeemed them months ago. I do have a couple of sets not hooked up to cable, and if there is an outage and cable is down, I'm all set in case of an emergency (weather, cable-cut, local or national disaster).

If you're too damn lazy to get off your ass from watching too much analog TV and get set up, then you don't deserve digital TV.

World's first 'thought images' seen on screen

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Whoa! Talk about 20 minutes into the future!

Why don't they just use a camera with old analog film recording off the retina?


My jacket is the one that Edison use to wear, thank you.