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'Lion' Apple Mac OS X 10.7: Sneak Preview

Kevin Montgomery

EDLIN ..... and Telnet

I realise you're probably kidding on the EDLIN one but I am still wondering which Brainiac decided to leave telnet out of the command line in Windows 7 by default. I realise you can add it in but it's a pain in the arse dropping to a command prompt and finding it's not there....

Some of us *like* command lines... hufff....

Cops raid man whose Wi-Fi was used to download child porn

Kevin Montgomery

Households != Population

Whilst there are well over 300 million Americans each one of those does not constitute the definition of a Household. Not all Americans live on their own, many come in "family packs" which constitute a household instead.

Therefore growth of approx 115 million households to 201 million households is either massive population increase or a whole lot of families splitting up and living on their own.

Malaysia bans 'satanic' Man Utd kit

Kevin Montgomery

Probably not....

They operate as Red Crescent in Malaysia for precisely that reason.

ArseASA rules 'Feck' non-offensive

Kevin Montgomery

Well all I can say is.....

Feck off Asa, ye bunch of wee feckers.

No, true enough, I'd never say it quite like that in real life.... but anyone who's not a complete head-the-ball knows that most people, certainly under 30,in Ireland, North or South would use fuck and feck interchangeably.

Can't wait to see the new Scrumpy Jack "Fuck you <insert larger name>!" advert series.


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