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Wikileaks video shows US gunfire on Reuters staff

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No suprise that it was an eddited version

There is an unedited version of the video which is 39 minutes long and unsurprisingly has a bit more to it.

The troops you see arrive on the ground were taking fire while they were down the street and the group of individuals did have weapons and an RPG not just cameras. It looks very much like they were are were going to start firing at the troops down the street.

The van has no "ambulance" marking of any sort and looks very much like they were trying to remove wounded and weapons from the area before ground troops could get on scene. Having kids in a vehicle driven into an active engagement is just stupid of the parents.

In the unedited video ground troops do report an unexpended RPG round partially under a body. A RPG round can not be mistaken for a camera or lens up close.

What were these reporters doing in this group with an RPG and AK-47s? Were they trying to capture "An insurgents view"?

People express concern and outrage about the callous manner in which the American forces killed their targets. They took out several people who were trying to fire on their fellow soldiers why shouldn't they be happy with their efficiency. I never hear anybody complain when an insurgent explodes an IED or snipes an American or Allied troop on film and practically dance and sing about it.

Chattanooga devil dog eats cop cruiser

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Get off My Lawn!

I mean get off my driveway... No wait come back and play.

Hard drives cop flak from .50 cal incendiary round

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Server Decommissioning

I have a 2U server that I fully intend to take out in the woods and shoot like old yeller, then hang it on the side of a rack to server as a warning to the other windows servers.

Though I do like the fill it full of black powder first idea.

BOFH: The stupidity criticality

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Marvellous idea but...

Our generator runs on natural gas, I guess I'll have to stick with the FM200.

Bank sues Google for identity of Gmail user

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So I can sue because I made a mistake? Really?

So the next time I get pulled over I'm going to sue the highway patrol because I "unintentionally exceeded the speed limit" I tried to unspeed but the delorean was in the shop and it didn't work.

Note to self, never use this bank they are on par with facebook in the data security department.

Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US

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IT Angle

Old News

This article is a bit out of date.

The demand for ammo is finally starting to abate slightly, I can finally go the the range and buy one box of rounds now.

I did not vote for Oboma but I did buy two more pistols this year, the left really is the biggest gun advertisement in history.

Oh and I like the .45 also, very effective against unarmoured thugs and has low penetrate through mutiple walls unlike a 9mm or .40 plus it's fun to shoot and easy to reload.

Four-year-old Diebold glitch silently drops votes

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Completely Unsurprising

I live in Humboldt County and it's no surprise at all that years go by before anybody bothers to check that the vote counting machines are up to date, or do anything else with even a hint of a competent manner.

Getting my coat because I really need to leave this area, anybody need a sysadmin in a real city?