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Guy Kewney, pioneer, guru, friend - RIP

Richard Howell

A sad day

I too briefly had the pleasure of working with Guy far too many years ago. He was a good man and an outstanding journalist. I'm genuinely sorry to learn the news.

Apple's Tablet won't save Big Dumb Media

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Good analysis

Have to confess I agree with pretty much everything Andrew has had to say, even if publishers don't benefit from the full cover price - newsagents and wholesalers also take their slice.

Mobiles finally admitted to English hospitals

Richard Howell

There's a time and a place

Last weekend Scotland on Sunday carried a report claiming that medical researchers in Edinburgh had found that mobile phones could pose a significant health risk in hospitals (http://www.reviewsreviewed.co.uk/index.php/mobileblog/The-phone-that-kills.html). Even if that is not the case you wouldn't really want to be in the next bed to somebody who insisted on telling the world and its brother that he or she was in hospital. It would be worse than travelling on a train!

Sony Ericsson to make Android phone

Richard Howell

Does a turkey vote for Christmas?

If handset manufacturers all adopt the same OS, are they in danger of suffering the same fate as many PC makers? http://www.reviewsreviewed.co.uk/index.php/mobileblog/Open-source-close-company-844.html