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Can you talk and drive?


CB Radios

Why is it fine for me to drive along using my cb radio. surely thats just as distracting? but perfectly legal.. laws are all messed up

Police union leader calls for 'killer games' sales ban


what a muppet

bloke is a complete muppet. the recent shooting that took place in germany the kid so called addictive killer game was COUNTER STRIKE. Stupid bloke needs to clean the streets up instead of wasting his time preaching rubbish he has no idea about. It was bloody counterstrike for gawwwwds sake.

Beeb borrows copyrighted Flickr image

Thumb Down

Cry baby

he should stop crying and read the terms and conditions of those websites. soon as you host any image with them you forfit your copyright over the image and the site can distribute of allow other companys to use the images. its not the first time of the last.

Private firm may run UK spy über-database


Too bigger nose.

This poxy country wouldnt even have to worry about terrorism if this country would stop sticking its nose where it IS NOT welcome. Why do we feel the need to team up with the stupid fkin americans everytime they wanna go claim something as theres?. if we just closed our ties with that stupid country and stopped interfering all the time things would be better. i mean clear example bomb goes off in some far off country priminister feels the need to fly all the way to said country walk about the place it happened and go on tv saying rawr terrorism is bad mmmmmmkay we will get them. GET YOU SODDING NOSE OUT. sick and tired of this country getting into everything all the bloody time.

Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims


Why mess with it while its switched on?

One simple question.

Why would you even consider messing around with your 360 while it is switched on and

running. Anybody who does deserves what they get.

You don't pick your TV or your DVD player up while it switched on and move it around the room and lay it on its side. because guess what it would get damaged or something would break. Guess what people DVD players radios 360s all have movie spinning DVDs and Cd's and guess what happens with any sudden movements to the CD area. that's right SCRATCH. grow up shut up come live in the real world and stop pratting around with your electricals while there in use and have games spinning in the drive or I'm going to come along and point and laugh at you for being so stupid

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users


Its allways the same.

So Paul let me ask you this.?

Why do you feel your more important that a p2p user?.

The p2p user pays his bills for his Internet as does anybody else.

For some reason you feel your better somehow? and that p2p users should have there connections throttled. Sorry mate but perhaps you should come live in the real world. Id love to see your modem statistics and connection info. That's most probably the real reason your Internet goes to hell because your connection is rubbish and you lack the brain cells to understand this therefor attack the p2p users and jump on the bandwagon like every other ill informed user out there.


Microtune boots up for in-car TV


Nothing new

i have had a dvb tv and radio receiver in my fromtera for the past 2 years hooked threw a 2ghz media box under the seat. firebrand and resell.


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