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Scareware package mimics Windows Blue Screen of Death

Mazzy A


Oh dear lord... Anyone stupid enough to fall for this deserves all they get. And yes, I know some people who would... then they would just call me tell me what happened and I would laugh my head off, laugh some more and then hang up.

Scorpions tale leaves IWF exposed

Mazzy A
Dead Vulture

Daily Mail reading freaks of this so called free land....

Erm, er, Google Cache anyone?? I couldn't get to the offending page via normal routes but just click on the cache link and lo there it was... Oh what a load of old fucking tosh. Why didn't they just block the Scorpions completely. Wind of change??? Stenchy old farts more like. And there I thought that they were dead and buried. Oh the hilarity.

Blocking real child porn sites is a good start, but then there's the p2p stuff. And emails. How do you differentiate between child porn and anything else on p2p? People who do get this filth deserve to have their nads chopped off and not allowed within 100 miles of anyone. They should be tagged so that if they go near a school or playground an alarm would sound and the parents with kiddies can run for the hills or kick the shit out of the paedo. And the only computer they can have access to is a Speccy, and not a real one at that, one of those Russian knockoffs that needs its own power station to work. And no access to mobile phones or phones for that matter. Oh Christ I am turning into a Daily Mail reader.... Aargh!!