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Boffins guess social security numbers via public data

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Paris Hilton


oh, how stupid I can be at times. David W is correct. Receipts have the last 4 credit card numbers, not SSN.

Paris Hilton, because it seems I take lessons from her.

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last four most often in trash can

yes, the last four are commonly found on most cash register receipts. The irony is that a few years back, the entire SSN was printed on receipts. For "security" purposes, the first 5 are now routinely "x-ed" out and only the last four are printed... how sad.

I am lucky because I am sufficiently old enough that my number does not fit this research.

pirate logo for obvious reasons

Top 500 supers - world yawns at petaflops

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Gates Halo

Private ownership

Does anyone have any idea about supercomputers owned by an individual? What is considered on that list, if anything? Home supercomputing anyone?

Google eyeballs planted on 92% of top websites

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Gates Horns

Too big to fail?

How's this for a scary thought... with Google's dominance and integration is it getting too big to fail?

USB fuel-cell prototype unveiled

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Airplane safe?

How can this NOT be banned on airplanes? Methane is an explosive gas


IBM drops Power7 drain in 'Blue Waters'

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Fortress of solitude anyone?

Hmmm, perhaps cooling is the reason that Superman's Fortress of Solitude in in the land of ice...