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Stealthy Adobe Reader update fixes mystery security bugs

Brian D. Switzer
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affect v7?

So is Adobe saying if Acrobat Reader 7 is affected? I refuse to upgrade to v8 because I think it sucks. We use v8 at work and I hate it. That's why I still have v7 at home.

Maybe I just need to replace it with something else entirely. It's a memory hog anyway.

Michael Bay to relive A Nightmare on Elm Street

Brian D. Switzer

Michael Bay must be stopped

Stop this madness now!!! Michael Bay must be stopped from making any more movies!

Battery firm: iPhone could melt your brain

Brian D. Switzer
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love the URL

hehehe... The URL for this story is apt. Kudos.

The IBM ThinkPad: 15 years old today

Brian D. Switzer

built IBM tough

The IBM made T-series are tough! That metal frame is great. I had a T40 that I dropped 4 feet onto a ceramic floor while powered on. It survived with only two injuries. The tabs that held the battery in shifted a bit so that the battery wasn't as tight (no big deal). The DVD drive was dislodged from its tracks. I just popped the drive back into its tracks and all was good.

Amazingly the ceramic floor survived too. I was more worried about it.

Google glitch loses user data

Brian D. Switzer

Google's new motto is...

"All your information are belong to us."