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Apple wilts under iPhone upgrade strain


Worked here

Worked here in Switzerland, but then I did wait until this morning to upgrade. Bugged out on the authorisation until I disconnected the iPhone, entered my pin, and then reconnected it. And yes I got the same language problem, Phone slipped back to german until authorised.

A quick glance through the settings shows no obvious tethering settings, but then I guess that depends on the network provider, and I've seen no statements from Swisscom to either confirm or deny that they'll allow tethering. Not a big problem for me as Zürich is littered with fee wifi hotspots anyway.

I guess the next couple of days will show how many Apps this update has rendered useless.

Harvard prof slams US nut allergy hysteria

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According to a friend of mine (doctor and research scientist) peanuts are in fact classed as beans. Although I can imagine this is of little consolation to "bean" allergy sufferers.

Paris of course - I'm sure she knows a thing or two about nuts (probably beans as well)

Pilots survive night on Hudson Strait ice sheet


I hate titles

Fantastic! With the news as it is today, it's wonderful to hear of somthing really good happening out of an almost certainly fatal situation.

Big smiley of course.

MacBook Air owners get laid

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Was always so

Funny people are complaining about this now, this was pretty much always a "feature" of the old style white and black MacBooks - in fact as I type this I can see the same effect on my MacBook - but then I knew about this before I bought my MacBook, so I walked in with my eyes open - and to be honest if you have work on your computer so close to the display as to see this effect, you really ought to have an eye test.

Reason - cheaper LCDs to keep costs low - also Apple source LCDs from more than one manufacturer, which explains why this is present on some units but not others.

I'm always amazed at how many people miss the point about the macbook air - it's a highly portable, email, web browsing, wordprocessing and spreadsheet affair - it is not a Maya rendering powerhouse as one of my customers seemed to think.

Funny how it's always Apple that attracts the whingers and moaners - if this was a dell this would be non-story.

Paris, because she's been laid on screen if my memory serves me correctly.