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British Standard explains how to store data for use as evidence

Warren Hill
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More BS from the BS factory ...

BS 10008 .. thats a lot of BS.

Seriously its about time we started to define standards and regulations with respect to data preservation, retention and retrieval here in the UK.

Hopefully it will lead to some innovation and UK based IP.

Online storage start-up pitches 'USB stick on the internet'

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Prosumer ... very Apple talk, trying to get hips with the kids.

This is not really news and this product will not succeed given its Windows only bias and thumbdrive dependence.

Ex-Appler resurrects Mac-friendly RAID

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Not an SMB play, its too expensive, dealers will sell Infortrend above this. This christmas lights approach to storage based purely on aesthetics may attract initial interest from the Apple fan clan but in the long term its a gimmick.

Drop the price Mr Grossman.