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BT and EE join together for Cornish LTE

Aaron Trevena

You've never been to cornwall then?

2 Mb/sec is about average for most people in cornwall - I get that in a village 3 miles from Truro.

There's also the "superfast" broadband areas here with FTTC and we have Fibre to our shiny new office at Pool Innovation Centre that's faster than any London office I've worked in.

Python 3.0 appears, strangles 2.x compatibility

Aaron Trevena

Perl 6 and Parrot Roadmaps with release dates..

In answer to the inevitable (and probably just trolling) question :

Parrot 1.0 release is likely to be March 2009 (just a couple of months away)

Perl 6 on Parrot 1.0 release is likely to be in Q1 of 2010 with release candidates late in 2009

Unlike Python 3, this is a major update, I don't think Python 3 vs Python 2.x is a large step, and significantly smaller than the changes from PHP 3 to 4 to 5, or Perl 4 to 5, it's not even much more than the changes between say Perl 5.4 and 5.6, 5.8 or 5.10 (all of which added new syntax, features and some fairly big changes)

more details at :



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