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It never ends: TV exposé tags new Android privacy howler


Re: Alex Hanff has an interesting idea....

Slight flaw in the plan.....small claims court does not set precendent under the UK judicial system. Infact, I beleive that every single country around the world that has fast-track for small claims operates the same way, so no precedent can be set in this case.

I think the chances are that Google will simply claim it has nothing to do with them, and the vendor will say it has nothing to do with them, and he'll be left holding the baby.

iPhone users get iJustHadAShag bedpost-notch boast app

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I'm sure there's another article...

... somewhere around here with the comments filled by fanbois berating the quality of the Android market place. Really? REALLY?!

Paris, because...because....oh I give up.

UK is biggest nation of web shopaholics - Euro poll

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It's because....

...I don't charge the delivery lorry a toll for the use of my road, or a charge for parking in front of my house to deliver the goods. If I take my car to go shopping, I invariably get charged for parking now....I have to give the woman at the till my phone number, email address, inside leg measurment 'because the till asks for it'....I'll probably get caught in a traffic jam of irrate xmas shoppers who seem to think armageddon is'a'comin. Is it any wonder?

Paris, because I bought her on the internet too.

Bristol boffins bring qubit computing a tiny step closer


For the curious...

...yet uninitiated... there's a great little pop-science book out there called A Shortcut Through Time. Worth a read. It provides a suitable grounding so that you half-understand a third of what a quater of the article was on about.

Android malware victims offered free WinPhones by MS


Anyone looking for a job in marketing?

There's about the be a vacancy or 2 at Microsoft resulting from the monumental #fail of a viral campaign ;)

Not so fast: Italian boffins say neutrinos not faster than light

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It's all well and good...

...but where's my damn flying car !!! You promised !!

Paris, because she promises more than she delivers, too.

Groupon snatches a great deal ... on itself


PT Barnum was right... once again...

"There's one born every minute"

The easiest seperation of fool and money since WorldCom. Anyone investing in this deserves everything they get. Oh... and Heinlein was right too.... TANSTAAFL.

Union enraged by secret driverless Tube plan


Few correction to this 'report'...

1. Bob Crow is a moron. Though I'd say that first despite it being obvious.

2. Mike Brown isn't so clever, either. What he failed to point out is that this isn't even a 'real' document. The title page, and the document codes, make that perfectly clear. It is a document used to train managers (pardon the pun). It's is used to stimutlate thinking in one of the management training courses run at the training center.

3. Bob Crow is a moron. I hate to labour a point, but its important so I though I'd say it twice.

iPhone 4S pre-orders obliterate sales records

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The Great P.Y. Barnum would be proud...

..."There's a sucker born every minute."

Why are people so desperate to defend this phone....if it was so good, it wouldn't need defending.

In truth, it's just another phone. There's nothing remarkable about it. It doesn't do anything that any one of 30 other devices can do.

iTunes? Nothing special, except the price you pay is higher than anywhere else... and you can use it on non-apple phone anyway.

Battery? Trying to claim it is better than other manufacturers to make up for the fact that it can't be replaced is just stupid. Come on. Admit it... it's not better than anyone elses battery... it's made in the same factories, using the same technology as batteries in HTC, Nokias, whatever. It's just a battery, and we're all disapointed in the way they perform. But atleast non-apple users can go on ebay and spend £20 on a new one if they need to.

AppStore? There's no doubt that the 'average' quality of apps in the AppStore is better than the Android Marketplace...but that's like saying that the average quality of person in the exclusive nightclub in your town is better. They have a man on the door to keep the hillbillies out. It's doesn't mean that the posh folk can't go into the redneck bar down the road, does it. Also, don't forget that the Marketplace is a few years behind the AppStore...and it's catching up fast.

The only real difference about the iPhone are the people who buy it.... they are more willing to suspend disbelief and splash the cash for the badge on the back.

Paris....because she's a sucker too. :)

Jesus appears, acquires vast following, bitchslaps Justin Bieber

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Right...that's it....

I'm off the create Jesus Hourly ...let's see how he likes dem apples!

Paris..coz there are more pages dedicated to worshiping her on the internet ;)

Google SHOCK! Snaps up Motorola phone biz for $12.5bn


It won't be cheap at all....

The premium Google paid for Moto will never be realised in the market if they spin-off and sell. Although I guess they'll still do it anyway, but that 63 cent premium will be the cost.... I recon they'll be happy if they sell for $10b... so the patent-bag will have cost them $2.5b. Wether it's worth it or not will remain to be seen.


Who do you blame....

you have to blame the morons at the patent office who granted the patents in the first place. What were they thinking....


Patent bag...

...For one thing, I'm pretty sure that Motorola aquired a whole bag load of un-patented Psion technology, that they sunsequently patented themselves. Psion are one of the grand-daddies of PDA.. and a whole lotta patentable tech that came out of those doors.

Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app


Lets not feel too sorry for the lad...

... he worked hard, produced good results, and managed to rack up a turnover in the region of £1/2m ... not bad for a school kid. The fact that Apple tripped him up on the way to the gold medal shouldn't take away from his acheivements.

Everyone but Oracle demands Java independence


Will we get a new java?

...maybe called 'LibreCafe'.... ?

Android's UK phone sales quadruple


No contest...

What really facinates me here is this absolute *need* that people have to force a contest where one isn't needed. It's taken me a while, but I've finally come to understand the iPhone buyer and what makes them tick (or atleast, hand over their cash). And it's all thank to AC up there.

You seem to be a descerning buyer, someone who actually considers what they purchase, identifies their actual need and wishes, and they acts upon them. But it such a shame that are a simply too lazy to take that any further....

... and I think that's the secret of the iPhone. Infact, I'd go so far as to suggest that it's Apple overall strategy. Corral the lazy people and feed them. Easy, captive audience... who just keep coming back because Apple have convinced them that there be dragons out there in the rest of the handset market.

Oddly, I don't really have a problem with that... except when people start saying that Apple are the 'leaders', and worshiping them as some sort of diety. Much like the Microsoft of old. The problem with this thinking is that the truth is the complete opposite. Companies like HTC, SE etc are the real innovators, pushing the boundaries and moving out of safe waters to find new solutions.

Android has come along and filled a gap in the market, showing that what iOS can do, anyone can do, whilst still enabling competition of the 'good kind' to force manufactures to better their game and step up.... not sit on their laurels (remind me how the iPhone 4 is different from the iPhone 3....really?).

Ultimately, there is a fundamental difference in the thinking of an Android buyer than that of an iPhone buyer. Wether a good thing or bad, it's a pointless competition as never the twain shall meet.

Green GT motors through trial run


Errr. Gearbox?

"And to check that the gearbox could withstand the torque generated by two 100kW electric motors"

Gearbox? What gearbox?

Perhaps they're talking about the diff...or something like that. Why on earth would a car driven by electric motors want to carry around the weight of a gearbox?

Ingram sore over Belgian warehouse burglary

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Not at home to captain tetchy.....

.... are they.

I wonder if, perhaps, they've just discovered someone had allowed to the content insurance policy on the warehouse to lapse in these harsh economic times ;)

Paris... coz she's got a loverly Pavillion on her laptop....

Intel braces for billion Euro fine

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Who wins?

Who gets this cash...... and what happens if Intel simply say "European courts? Who are they?... look at my face, bothered...".

Does the commission have teeth to back up the bark? Can Intel simply tell them to go whistle and carry on business as usual?

Paris, she's all about business...

NEC breakthrough paves way for powerless standy-by modes



Does this imply almost-instant hybernate states will be possible on laptops/notbooks/netbooks? Even the possibility of 'sleeping' certain parts of a system and waking them on use (disc controllers, usb controllers, soundcards, etc...)... so no power needed unless they are actively used? This would do wonders for battery duration :)

Mine's the one with the spare laptop battery in the pocket...

Microsoft preps IE 8 for the web-challenged

Gates Horns

Laugh or Cry?

Ohhh.... the irony.