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Gov spunks hundreds of thousands on mobe condom clip

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the most effective way of stopping kids getting pregnant would be: A) mandatory prosecution of all those under age. B) stop paying them benefits and C) stop giving them houses.

Dutch cat skinner publishes critics' personal details

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at last some one has found a practical use for a cat.

Wacky Jacqui spanked by husband

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just another abuser of privelidge.

using expenses as a second income.

why am i not surprised.

bunch of crooks too bent to see the fraud.

Fresh tech hiccup for V-22 tiltrotor fleet

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@ Lock wire and Locktite© By John Dougald McCallum Posted Saturday 28th March 2009 15:17 GMT

golden hermitite and (blue) hylomar are gasket compounds, not adhesives!

loctite 648 is a high strength, high temperature adhesive, failing that, uhu "endfest 300" epoxy will withstand 150c+..

however, using those make dissassembly very difficult.

a far better solution would be a castle nut and lock/split pin.

Lies, damned lies and inflation statistics

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get used to being lied to.

Scareware package incorporates file ransom trickery

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back up

regularly and every time a high value item is added to the my documents file.

a daily back up to a usb drive is simple and cheap.

no excuses for nor doing so.

Eset false alarm puts system files on remand

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@ John Naismith Posted Tuesday 10th March 2009 22:24 GMT

the best way to get support is from the UK agents, Aspect systems.

Tiscali shares suspended on titsup fears

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and so to me

i have been with tiscali for years and have no reason to criticise the service i have recieved.

MPs told PGP 'incompatible' with Parliament network

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do they need encryption softwate?

if they've nothing to hide, they've nothing to worry about..................................

Hurlable 360° cam-grenades used by IDF in Gaza

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its dark in there

what if, after blasting through the door, it gets lodged in the guts of one of the occupants?

will it have lights so that remote surgeons will be able to diagnose the wound severity from the bits of plumbing that are visible?

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cheap countermeasure


any one for cricket?

UK 'bad' pics ban to stretch?

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we are governed by puritanical zealots with the minds of inquisitors.

lets have a good old fashioned civil war.

i like the idea of seeing them dangling from the lamp posts in fashionable london streets.

Navy glovepuppets minister in carrier battle against RAF

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the RAF didi it!

win the Falklands war, i mean.

one bomb on teh runway after a zillion gallons of fuel in gawdalone knows how many staged refuellings did it.

alsoplus the outstanding air-to-air capabilities of the Nimrod......

'Lenny': Debian for the masses?

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@william henderson By Flocke Kroes Posted Tuesday 17th February 2009 06:06 GMT

not being an l33t haxxor of the various o/s's, what your comments suggest is that; linux needing no antivirus/malware programmes and having none installed, could be passing on such like to others, without even being aware of it.

the assumption that black hats have not written and disseminated code to do this is almost as nieve as those that use windows unprotected.

given the surprised that continue to jump out at us over rootkits etc. in long established and well known windows variants, what of little known linux?

all the talk of vitrual PCs etc. is so much fog.

totaly irrelevant to 99% of PC users.

i say it again, though in a different format; if linux is that good and free, why insn't it the no. one distro?

because it is not what the fanbois claim it is.

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@ I remember a time... By Alex Posted Monday 16th February 2009 18:01 GMT

your attitude is a perfect illustration of why i can't be arsed with Linux.

the same l33t157 attitude i encountered on the "help" forums.

if Linux is so good and so free and easy to use why isn't it a distro on all new PCs?

no licence fee, no activation/ re-activation, genuine disadvantage etc.

the truth is, its a geek toy, nothing else.

get back in yer closet.

Brits 'a bunch of yellow bastards', says irate Yank

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the right to see approximately 3000 school children killed each year?

the right to see Florida bury more gunshot victims per year than the whole of western Europe?

the right to live in a land with more gun shops than gas stations?

the right to have to carry a gun to feel safe in my own house?

those are rights i don't need and don't want.

with those rights goes the last rights.

living in a state of fear that leaves people wondering if their man stopper rounds are of sufficiently high performance to avoid prosecution for "over penetration" on a trip to the mall can hardly be called freedom.

william henderson

fight the state?

of course I'd like to defend my self against the state but have you seen the price of a challenger these days?

never mind feeding the beast!

Kaspersky Lab denies panic mongering

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well, it sells "news" papers and government policies, so.....................

Spam volumes increase to pre-McColo takedown levels

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mailwasher pro has cut spam getting to my inbox to zero.

i hope the spammers read this.

Three in 10 Windows PCs still vulnerable to Conficker exploit

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"@ Mark Posted Friday 23rd January 2009 12:01 GMT

norton......serves you right.

i use eset nod32.

i don't use oem discs, i have full licensed discs for xp and 2k.

why i should accept criticism from a Norton user is beyond me......

still and all, if my system works to my satisfaction WTF has it to do with you??

william henderson

"@ Mark Posted Friday 23rd January 2009 12:01 GMT

xp server, i don't do file sharing.

open office is free.

arcsoft photo studio is 10% of the cost of photobloateware

scamware is not my ting

you need to prove something?

william henderson

FUD? speak inglish

what ever FUD is, i can re install a complete, net ready xp or 2k pc in around two hours.

that's a 1.7ghz intel with 512meg ram and a 40gb, 7200 rpm drive.

xp will usually run straight off without any real need for additional drivers, (never mind having the driver cd's ready to hand).

what IS standard spec?

sorry shroeder but no linux live cd ever went live on my machines, not that i haven't tried.

...and no, i haven't "read all the recent articles about malware gangs", i have friends and hobbies, I'm not a geek, nerd, troll or serf.

in fact, i haven't read all the OLD articles about malware gangs etc. etc.

i do know that windows works and i can fix it, untrained though i am, should the need arise.

so thanks for the "looking down my nose at you" reply that i have come to expect from those such as you who belittle all those that dare to question the the glaringly obvious superiority of linux.

william henderson

at al,unbuntubois an all

if i could get a version of ubuntu/linux/whatever to install and actually run without the need for command line knowledge, as i can with windoze, then i would use it.

that, however, has never happened.

as i can re build any of my 5 pc's and be net ready in under 2 hours, I'll stick with windoze and leave linux to the dedicated geeks.

ps; none of my pc's are patched and all are service pack 0, i just have good security ware and stay away from dodgy sites, it seems to work.

Demise of British tank industry foretold admitted

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@ ac re: @Matt Bryant

burned out abrams, killed by 40 year old panzerfaust offspring, is a positive sales point?

william henderson

By Matt Bryant Posted Friday 2nd January 2009 18:28 GMT

an often missed point is that the Abrams gun is a shortened version of the rheinmetal product and therefor even inferior to that gun.

william henderson

best western allied tank of ww2

hawker typhoon/ tempest

william henderson

@Tanks By Chris Posted Tuesday 30th December 2008 12:57 GMT


the challenger is superior to the others in almost all respects.

just look how many Abrams have been toasted in Iraq and Afghanistan.

the leopard's Armour is no better and the leclerc's has had to be upgraded to try and match the challengers.

only engine reliability lets the challenger down.

william henderson

any excuse

...to spend money on perks and pension schemes instead

Tell Santa to bring more assault rifles

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@Disgraceful By Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 15th December 2008 21:42 GMT

why should the time of year be important?

it's only a celebration based on the v unlikely events concerning the supposed son of a garden fairy.

a celebration hijacking a pagan ceremonial date.

sod all to do with logic and reason.

william henderson

@Rick Brasche

"But it's real hard to oppress an armed population. Easy to suppress an unarmed, misinformed one."

tell that to the Iraqi's, almost every house has an ak47 yet they were still lead by a tyrant.

william henderson

@phil Friday 5th December 2008 04:41 GMT

sure and you were late both times...................................

but never mind, best not to jump in on the side of the looser, eh?

as Germany was your sure fire rival for economic clout, i can see why you (GRUDGINGLY) chose to help us.

if your so free. how come you have so many gun laws and live in fear?

'cause all your loonies have guns too.

bully for you.

as for the percentage of Russia deemed to be Asian, that stopped them dead in their tracks, right?

if new york is the backwoods, that would explain the shootings, right again?

says something about your social values.

william henderson

@ac re second amendement

"The UK is a great example of this. The population is disarmed and crime is rampant. Guns are banned. Certain knives are banned. Coming in 2010, rolled up newspapers will be deemed hazardous and banned as well. I guess that is the problem with being a subject rather than a citizen."

how is it then, that the two most heavily armed civilian populations, Switzerland and the USA also have amongst the highest gun murder rates in the world?

we have around 60 gun murders per year, in America, around 3000 children are shot dead each year.

oh, just a little heads-up; guns aren't banned, only a few certain types are especially difficult to legally obtain, just as in the USA..

william henderson

@ phil again

"Try and remember that until WE entered the war and landed on the beach at Normandy, you Brits were LOSING. All of Europe had already LOST. You were already LOSERS in the war and without us you would have been DOOMED."

did you forget Russia?

also, half the troops landed on D-day were British and commonwealth.