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Online advertisers team up on privacy principles

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ASA is a industry self regulatory body

You know how us geeks don't like the use of "unlimited" and how it gets bandied about to sell broadband services? You know how there has been complaints (real and on-line rants) about it near constantly since ISPs stopped doing unlimited accounts, and started with their AUPs and other such BS?

The reason why this still flies is that the advertising industry in the UK is self regulated. The ASA in not governmental, and is totally funded by the advertising industry. And it is clear from things like on-line comments that many people think the ASA is real regulation. It is not, and people must be made aware of it. If you have a problem with an advert, go straight to OFCOM.

Funded by the ad industry really means funded by the customers of the ad industry, and these days communication is very profitable to advertisers. It is no wonder that "unlimited" is still used.

It makes you wonder what other industries routinely lie and the ASA let it fly. There's a lot of car insurance ads on British TV, I wonder just how BS-packed they are?

These days I even mute the TV when the adverts come on. Since the whole volume thing with TV ads, you'll end up reaching for the remote to turn the volume down during ads.... why not just hit mute (or pause on a PVR)?

And muting the TV adverts really makes the mindless consumers identify themselves. Several times I have muted a TV when a friend of a friend is in the room, and the question of why the sound has gone off varies from just an gormless inquiry to plain hostility!

Leaked Met letter questions Speaker's version of police raid

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The police are always right!!!11

Oh look, a reg article with no comments on yet. Best get my job done by posting a comment that is totally in support of what the government are doing, like many a reg article seems to be have had of late.

Anyway, we all know that the MP arrested wouldn't have been arrested if he hadn't done something wrong. It is impossible for the police to make mistakes.

And its not like the Labour party or the catholic church have ever been involved in covering up their own actions in the past! I can't imagine that the house speaker would be capable of anything untoward.

PS, and a serious PS.... the Reg really should put SSL links in articles whenever possible, especially when linking to wikileaks. All wikileaks URLs can be made secure by putting https://secure. on the front (or replacing http://www). This article links to http://wikileaks.org/leak/smith.pdf , but it'd be best to link to https://secure.wikileaks.org/leak/smith.pdf .


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