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WordPress update tackles critical blogging bug


my wordpess is safe now

Thanks for the warning :) made me check the site about two hours earlier than normal.

Google slips $3.1bn through 'Double Irish' tax loophole


Dont argue on the internet no one cares ,why do I forget this?

"The result is that the beatnik / hippie / socialist / union / communist types continue to favour keeping the current tax system"

There aren’t many beatniks in my local branch but I'll ask around the party at the National Conference in November.

Socialists / Communists don’t want to keep the current tax system , we want to replace private ownership with total public ownership .If you would actually like to learn about socialist economics I could recommend many books , none by FA Hayek.

Lets not even argue about flat tax, go have a look at some countries that have such a thing.

for example Ukraine - where, in 2003, 4.9 percent of the Ukrainian population live under 2 US dollar a day and over 19% were below the poverty line.

(public)Companies owe their shareholders profits ,they will accumulate these by cutting wages ,dodging tax or whatever legal means they can employ .

Unfortunately I happen to live in a <strike>banana</strike> potato republic where our government is happy to garnish a small percentage of tax off large foreign corporations and risk long term economic instability rather than create employment directly, or failing that , incentivise companies to come here with a college educated populace and potentially guarantee lasting employment

Incidentally Ireland doesn’t have "a million tax bureaucrats", we have , proportionately a small civil service compared to the rest of the EU.

Apologies , I'm extremely off topic

Firefox joins Microsoft in uncool kids class



The last time I tried out chrome I found myself missing all the extensions that make Firefox my default browser. On my minimalist desktop Firefox does certainly show its weight in terms of memory usage , But I haven't found chrome drastically better.

I will probable give it a look in every now and again , but so far it seems like

a me-too entry into the browser pool.

'World's largest' airship inflated in colossal Alabama cowshed

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Who will fly transadlantic on a zepplin?

Steampunks !

I look forward to gliding slowly above the earth.

More civilised than those nasty aero-planes dont-cha-know.

Google sets sights on the dashboard



>>my_pc$ ssh mycar@


>>$ ./ignition...................................................


>>$ vlc /music/playlists/driving_rock.m3u

Election promises: Wi-Fi chain gangs and maximum wage

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read it


North Korea mobilizes Red Star Linux rollout

Big Brother

Come brothers and sisters , the compiler struggles on...

the only marxists in NKorea and the PRC are in prison or in hiding.

I think linux in general is a good example of the voluntary cooperation between people for a common purpose , rather than the (aptly pointed out) stalinist totalitarian method of doing things.

(waiting for comparision to ubuntu :) )


Total central control , massive restrictions, insane ideology -

Is the DPRK going to clone macOS?


Orwell , because there are good people waving red flags too.

Irish civil rights group takes aim at iPad launch


Gó maith

Ansin mó comrádaí , an Register ag magadh thú.

I think thats the most irish ive used in about a decade

The $20K iPad



The tastefull use of diamonds, in say, a piece of siver jewelry, can ben quite appealing. But

frankly , seing any object covered completly in diamonds , makes it as plesant to look at as if it were wrapped in tin-foil.

I think Id rather spend the 20k creating a custom touch screen device.

that can do flash

and has built in phone tools.

and a front and rear facing camera.


Holy Father turns on to Dad Rock


Revised Vatican Setlist

previous posters

Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil

Ministry - Psalm 69

My two eurocents

Killing Joke - Walking With Gods

+ yours commentards

Skype offers living room TV action

Big Brother


Us inner party members can turn the view screens off ....

Intel heaps 'connected-TV' hype on partners


I see your watching men and motors - can I interest you in some sweedish pornography?

So when I switch to sky news in 2010 and see footage of (incresingly youthfull) americans fightning the revolutionary guard to "stop the jihadis from getting their hands on nuclear weapons"

I may get a popup down the bottom saying

"The war on terror is going well , would you like to know more?"

Villagers revolt over BT chairman's broadband


Thats Capitalism!

have 1 national ISP and expect equal treatment or let the market run it and expect it to be run for profit as the only end.

That is all.

Bug in latest Linux gives untrusted users root access


Local user exploit - no longer exploitable

..and now for the weather

A storm that has been brewing tor several months has now broken over a small teacup in a shed in finland..................

Boffins working on biodegradable flexi LED implants


21st century - delivering on Sci-Fi promises

brillant - sign me up !

Irish brogue voted world's sexiest accent

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Feck me !

Musos demand Guantanamo Bay playlist


Just a thought

Barbra Streisand

Pitchshifted and played either at 2X or 3/4 speed.

Or you could just be an evil bastard and mash up some

Genghis Tron with Einstürzende Neubauten , Aphex Twin and Faust and play that.

Brother creates direct retinal imaging specs

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living in the 21st century is fantastic


jogging WHILST a small hud gives me a distance traveled readout as well as calories burned

want +1

What if you had a launch party and nobody came?


Bad trolling - Try harder

@ Anon 22nd October 2009 15:15

its called a .deb , you download it , you double click on it

you enter your password

you click ok

Is that too hard?

@ Anonymous Coward 2009 14:42 GMT

lets assume your using ubuntu

so click on

system ->admin -> synaptic package manager

that would be your graphical installer

you have ati drivers

if your using ubuntu you will want to

click on

system -> admin -> restricted drivers manager

that will sort you out.

"Yeah, I might get more problems/less reliability with XP, but at least they'll be problems I can solve in minutes with a mouse, without resorting to trawling the internet for hours for answers and a CLI session. For every single problem."

Unless you need to flush your dns cache, dump winsock , reset tcp/ip , ping anything (off the top of my head)

Any genuine ubuntu newbs - come over to ubuntuforums.com - I will happily help you

Microsoft thinks it can sell one copy of Windows 7 for every four people


ARRRR there be the User Base

Hmm - anyone care to guess what percentage of win7 installs will be pirated?

The true success of win7 , of course , will be measured when it overtakes XP on the desktop.

Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US


$ and sense

just another way Obama is stimulating the US economy :D

Asus' Eee keyboard out next month - official



Oh yay - a commdore 64 .......... of the future!

Cobain band mates denounce dead rocker's Guitar Hero gig

Big Brother

Dead Can Dance!

sweet hell - Bill hicks is looking more and more like a prophetic- messiah these days

IBM claims patents promote open-source love

Big Brother

BB(big blue) announces idealicencecontrol is doublplusgood feedback to unlicencecontrol

also from IBM

War = Peace

etc etc

Scientists lay bare Irish potato famine blight


oh a potato ! nom nom nom

@stuart meadowcroft

We were exporting a metric assload of food at the time of the blight

It just was more profitable to sell all the bacon , beef etc etc

abroad than feed some starving paddys.

The "famine" was economic genocide so effective that the Irish population has never reached that point again.

In 1841 it was in the region of 6.5million , today there are approx 4.4million in the republic and 1.7million in the north.(this includes immigrants in the pop numbers)

To quote Sir Charles Trevelyan in charge of govt relief to famine victims

"the judgement of God sent the calamity to teach the Irish a lesson"

Microsoft's Windows 7 pretzel takes fresh twist




Its a tech magazine

generally the more advanced a user - the more likely they have tried multiple os's and therefore you do tend to get a lot of linux users on tech sites

(NOT that all advanced users are linux users mind)

so although it may only be 1% of all desktops run linux

linux users usally make up high numbers on tech sites

BTW the ps3 allready runs yellow dog linux

even as a gnu/linux user I do often find the fanboyism irratating as hell but frankly

I consider most ,if not all "my os is better than yours" purile dick waving.


The price of win7 doesnt appear too bad and despite my freetardidness Im going to have to buy a copy so I can support my family , friends + neighbours when their problems will inevitebly occur - pity about the IE-free version - Its usailly the first thing I get rid of on a fresh XP install

as my wife once quipped : whats the one use for IE? - downloading firefox!

IBM UK facing 'backlash' over pension snuffing


quite clearly

To sack the bosses.

Clearly using the "recession" as a stick to beat the working man.

Fight back or suffer.

Blade Runner tops sci-fi movie poll

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Other films that should have made the list

A Boy and His Dog

Repo! a genetic opera (Best recent sci-fi film ive seen)

A Scanner Darkly (quite faithfull to the book)

Screamers ( phillip k dicks - 2nd variety)

They Live (This is your God !)

Death Race 2000 (Its awfull - but in a good way)

Flying 'Motorbike'/Reliant Robin 'to take off next year'



pffft! WINGS!

Wheres my goddamn antigrav-bike!.

'Alien' lifeform wakened from 120,000 year Arctic slumber


Strange Aeons.

please tell me -

- that they didnt find the little shoggoth in a partially collapsed tomb with fish-lizard carvings on walls at weird non-euclidean angles......

Apple fans targeted by smut-punting malware



No 1 security problem with all OS's

The User

you can be using openbsd and if you run some unknown code as root / admin your STILL in trouble.

people who own computers should know how to use them.

Windows 7 to ship October 22


Why so serious? OS's are not religions.

@Colin Wilson @A Baird

Its called virtualbox (or quemu or kvm etc etc) - run xp on that (takes about 1/2 hr to set up)

for all the stuff you cant run using wine and you wont need to touch the command line.

then you have the best of both worlds

(virtualbox's ability to take snapshots of the OS means that if you fsk up xp you can roll it back in seconds)

I certainly do -- listining to 20's, 30's music on amarok while playing fallout3 :D

and if you think thats too hard to do - then stick with paying for a OS .

Irish politicos try to cut off call girls' mobiles


Repeat after me....

Legalise - Regulate - Tax - Advertise - Profit

That is all.

Shifty study proclaims Brits a nation of freetards

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I really dont like the term freetard......

today in the news we discovered that statistics can be manipulated to say whatever you want.


you forgot

5 - I bought the game and the drm wouldnt let me play it , so I also downloaded a copy


6 - The media I am looking for is not available for purchase in my country so while I wait for my mail order from germany/america/japan Im going to download the album (too many to list)

7 - The media I download is simply not available legally (for years there was no way to buy boxed compilations of certain old tv shows)

I would point out to anyone in legal standing that these examples are illustrative

As to those proud pirates:

I make it my business to buy music direct from bands - wumpscut and kmfdm arent millionaires and I enjoy their music so it is a GOOD thing to actually pay them for their work.

while it is nice to say that we need a new business model , etc and that until that time

I will just download what I want -its a very narrow view and ignores the reality that you are parasitising off someone elses work .

when it comes to small bands + independant video game producers (running with scissors) you SHOULD buy direct.

The advancement of technology has allowed us the ability to cut out the middle men , but we shouldnt forget that all the great music and those games actually come from somewhere - and the people that make them - deserve to eat .

iTunes store Kama Sutra gives Apple warm cheeks


Open Sauce Comment

This Is another reason for me not to buy an iphone .

Windows 7: MS plays a Jedi mind trick on netbook owners


@John Galt (and little annie rant)

If you don't like Microsoft's proposal of what they want to sell you, then don't buy it. It's called free software, and when you don't buy software, and others don't buy it, Microsoft will be forced to withdraw and open source software will fill their place (Linux,BSD , etc.)

The government doesn't have the right to tell Microsoft what to sell you, just like the government doesn't have the right to force you to buy Microsoft products. You have the choice to download whatever you feel like when it comes to FOSS (and so do government's), and Microsoft has the right to offer you inferior goods to buy based on whatever terms they want to offer them. (and you can refuse)

This is the hippocracy of capitalism. You find free marketeers waxing lyrical about choice (which is between apple and microsoft) and then realise that both microsoft and apple do their best to stifle new OS's and innovation (BEOS anyone) using sneaky deals with vendors or threats of litigation.That and bundling as much software as possible (most of its innovation copied directly from less wealthy software houses) to keep you tied to the one vendor means

we live with a functioning microsoft hegemonony rather that the promised "competetive" enviornment that the market system is supposed to create.

Exercise your choice. Speak up, express your opinion that its no good and simply dont buy their product, or, If your tied to windows ; form a consumer group to encourage microsoft to make an OS that you can use.

[[at this point the poster broke Godwin's law]]

Parody ends :D

On a more serious note I look forward dealing with win7 users over the phone complaining that there some prob with their new notebook cause "nothing will open"

then checking the systray and seeing msnmessanger ,google desktop and skype.......

Flying-rifle robocopter: Hovering sniper backup for US troops


Since when did phillip k dick...

Since when did phillip k dick start controlling reality-

Concerned the combination of seemingly unrelated technoligies :

more and more human looking japaneese robots + incresingly sophisticated killing drones

= 2nd variety!

HP packing workers seal bosses in conference room

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Go on!

Better than just lying in the street and accepting being disposable labour.

workers and trade unions should take note

French adhesive workers stick it to Brit boss

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this news report cheered me up

Good - stick it too the boss man!

Laptop Hunters snare Microsoft on Linux


Kill all Fanboys

Talking Head 1 - Linux is crap

Talking Head 2 - Windows is crap

Talking Head 3 - OSX is crap

Talking Head 1 - Configuration , total cost of ownership , Command Line !

Talking Head 2 - blue screen of death, virus prone , DRM !

Talkign Head 3 - style- over -function , vendor lock in, price

ME - All platforms (os + hardware to include apple) have their own setbacks - You should choose one that suits you best


You shouldnt bother engaging in excessive fanboyism or repeating trite "facts" to hammer home why your choice is better.

Linux is hard to configure? Try setting up a home media system with windows "media centre"

Windows can be buggy ? Try installing a very modern game on wine

No computer system is perfect

I work in a tech support role and get calls from people with macs whos airport refuses point blank to connect to a wireless network because the psk is too short

I get windows users who cant go online because software updates have changed the settings in their lan settings

and I get linux users (mostly with netbooks) who cannot get their head round mozzilla thunderbird because its layout is different than OE

There is no 1 perfect computer system so please go cockslap each other elsewhere

At the moment ALL my web design , video editing, sound editing , music recording , emulation gaming , web browsing and general work is done off kubunut intrepid_ibex. all my pc gaming is done off the dual boot xp because I dont care to fiddle with wine (though it does run fallout 1 and a lot of pre win2k games without issue) because if im working im working and if im gaming im gaming.


Boffin: Titan moon largely made of LPG, not cheese


Thats all well and good....

..but what potential threat to "Intersolar security" can we use as a pretext to send the troops to titan?

Unpatched PowerPoint flaw spawns Trojan attacks


Standard Open Sauce Coment

Yes yes - another day another exploit.

Just use linux everyone etc , no viruses , etc

inherently secure...


you all know the drill by now.

Israelis' invulnerable, 60-tonne robot bulldozer force to double



@Matt Bryant - cant say I agree with you but your arguments are well backed up.

@Everyone not agreeing with matt bryant - His style of dialogue is confrentational and he voted for thatcher twice - of course he is not going to apoligise or be nice to you.


On the article itself - The only place Ive seen a machine like that is the pages of 2000ad - all our tech - electric cars , flying cars , fighter drones, arial drones and now utility vehicles are all looking more like the future we were promised/warned about. Im not sure if I should be worried about that .

Has Microsoft matched Flash with Silverlight 3?


Next Generation of Attack Vectors :D

I suspect both Air and Silverlight in future will be avenues to Rootkit Town.........

Microsoft protest organizer returns to code


Spirit of 1909

"being a shit-stirring let's-form-a-union type).... ......a 10% pay cut on contract rates in the current climate isn't really taking the piss, it's realistic..."

"I've never understood what makes people feel that they should "protest" what they don't like"

Statements that could only be made by people who clearly know fuck all about the history of organised labour.

Ironic that Sunday was international women's day - look up the origins of that oh children of the benign capitalist age and tell me that protesting is pointless and that all union organisers are just shit stirrers.

or maybe you should come out of you comfy complacent comas and consider that profitable companies with millions in accumulated profits who pay their CEO more than most countries president/premier/prime ministers have no reason to slash wages except a desire to keep their profit margins high and their shareholders in caviar.

The workers who CREATE all that profit deserve more.

The whole reason microsoft has adopted the contract worker model is to justify paying peanuts to hundreds of workers forever stuck as "temps" despite being responsible for microsofts


Mines the one with "Ragged Trouser Philanthropists" in the pocket

NASA ponders Spirit's erratic behaviour


Cosmic Rays or Little green Script Kids

hmm - small green script kiddies have flashed the rovers firmware using a vunrability in the underlying os via an exposed fireware port and are now dicking around using it to deliver spam-like flyers to their neighbour?

or "cosmic rays"

i know which answer is more amusing

Apologies after teacher's 'Linux holding back kids' claim


why use linux

Stupid children -why learn the linux - you dont want to work for google or sun - or even use a free os thats almosty bullet proof

go back to being good little consumers - and remember to buy new computers next year (or 2011) when window 7 comes out - <i>of course theyre</i> "vista capable" just not "7 capable"

and remember to buy antivirus software , and firwalls because security costs extra.


Irish govt powers up electric vehicle drive



Judging by the past actions of the current (and eternall) ruling party fianna fail,

I would expect fund missapropiations , scandals , brown envelopes and the few rich a**holes who sell electric cars and vote the right way to make a lot of money.

The rest of us hoi polli will , of course, be stuck to foot the bills of what promises to be

another truly shambolic endevor by an increasingly irelavant govermnet and their green poodles.