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Boffin builds DIY solar cell from doughnuts and tea

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I can't believe he didn't use PG Tips !

Irish govt powers up electric vehicle drive

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Stupid Green hippies

Look, nobody in Ireland really cares about electric cars and the stupid green hippy party.

They can mouth off all they want about initiatives like this but in reality we're going through a recession and there'll be very few willing to buy a new car anyway.

Same thing with their initiatives on 1,000 Euro bicycle schemes for workplaces, they all seem to conveniently forget that the roads are badly policed, too many women drivers driving in what very few cycle lanes there are while doing their makeup/hair, not to mention of course that it rains here 360 days of the year and most people working in Dublin live 20+ miles outside of it due to property greed in the past.

Stupid, hippy green party muppets !

Oh and they'll be out of government next year anyway when the whole Irish government collapes here soon so who cares either way.