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Microsoft says 'sorry' after Japan quake marketing gaffe

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the last person

Got unfreinded pretty damn quick !

apart from this one. This one i did repost

Please put this on your status if you know or are related to someone killed on Alderaan when it was obliterated by the Death Star. My wish is that people will understand that the Empire is a band of murdering scum. The Rebel Alliance wants only to bring peace to the galaxy, but the evil empire continues to kill innocent civilians.

93% won't copy/paste this.

Is John McAfee running for US president? 'My campaign manager told me not to comment'

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Suggested Viewing Material

@ TitterYeNot

Watch idiocracy

Roll up, roll up: Microsoft, those Irish emails and angry Feds

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Re: Google?

Not sure if Google do what the American government want or Vica Versa

Wileyfox Swift: Brit startup budget 'droid is the mutt's nuts

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Re: Dammit

Just mentioned it earlier to some-one else, Try "Should I answer".

Free and Ad free

I Swear I am not the developer, although I believe I share the same hatred of Nuisance calls

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Re: Build me this...

I would be sorely tempted as well !!!

Only hangup would be the charging capability whilst using satnav, bluetooth & hotspot Whilst on car journeys.

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Re: In built call blocker

Have a look at "should I answer".

Absolutely Brilliant imo

Amazon, GoDaddy get sueball for hosting Ashley Madison data

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Should charge Em'

Send them a bill of 19K to remove the data, and just leave some of it anyway.

Something about sayings about medicine and boots

Stealth service – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Re: Caution left handers


Use a controller Gawd, I can't for one. But then again I find mouse and KB much more accurate, would love to see controller users VS M&KB users in a tournament :)

Its not hard to point input keys to a input.cfg.

Reg reader shares AshMad blackmail email about which he gives 'zero f***s'

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Re: The Golden Cow?

Only blocked ads on the reg, was when they started getting full page. had nowhere to click to pull it to the front to scroll.

Stench of confiscated dope overwhelms Catalan cop shop

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Re: Easy to solve..

they could pop them in zip lock bags, to stop the smell in the meantime :D

Sorry, Californians, you can't have this: Asus to build WATER COOLED notebook

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Water is perfectly safe in contact with electricity, as water does not conduct electricity.

All pixels go: World's biggest sky-gazing camera gets final sign-off

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Re: 3.2 gigapixel camera


Dont be so naive, Apple have done this already and will patent it soon enough.

Oh no, startup Massive Analytic unleashes 'artificial precognition'

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Re: If the technology is even a fraction as good as advertised...

Regarding your title. Depends if the company flops Hehheheheh.

Slip-streaming Tesla, Oz battery-maker plots home-biz launch

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That was worth reading :D

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive

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think its wider than that, heard this one years ago.

Are we allowed to re-iterate jokes that reside within our wetware storage ?

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The only thing to fear is fear. Oh and spiders, F*ck Spiders

Google robo-car suffers brain freeze after seeing hipster cyclist

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Re: Joined up thinking

Way to obvious, but have an upvote to annoy others :D

This whole thread is brilliant for a Friday morning. Grinning my ass off

Computer Science GCSE male dominated, but geekettes are ready to rise

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Re: "Put down you ironing and get to the keyboard!"

Good thing I'm not a secretary, I will side with you on that battle. I do actually try to spell correctly, it just isn't in my skill set im afraid.

I had / Have no quibble with their English or grammar, only that they have been known to believe that a headline that they cant make italic is an IT issue.

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Re: "Put down you ironing and get to the keyboard!"

Finally some secretary's that will know how to use word ;)

Oh im going to hell for this post !!!

Windows 10 Media

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Dont forget

That you can just run a clean install from the windows installation.

Tried it out yesterday, took an age on my old laptop, but did what it said on the tin.

Then again I wasnt trying to get rid of any nasties, just try and sort drivers out :/

And it begins: Ashley Madison bonk-seekers urged to lawyer up

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It would just intensify the spotlight

Why do driverless car makers have this insatiable need for speed?

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Re: Just as a point of interest

also, I would contend that similar to having to take a test for the power of the bike engine the same is done for car drivers.

Have to use <1.2ltr after taking your test for 2 years before you can apply for <2.0 ltr engine.

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Re: Mandatory

I shall edit this as it has been re-iterated many time above me.

So instead, I personally drive a 2cv, love the basic driving style, I don't really want to loose the ability to use my car as a daily driver, but alas it will happen. Probably not in my lifetime though, you don't all really expect the government to get this sorted do you !!!!

Feeling a physical present: Ten summer games and gadgets

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Re: Ten summer Games when summer's 2/3 over?

ɹǝısɐǝ ɥɔnɯ 'uʍop ǝpısdn pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɹnoʎ ǝsn

Apple: Samsung ripped off our phone patent! USPTO: What patent?

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Re: The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) IS THE PROBLEM!

Much simpler fix,

When a patent is granted the company has to produce and sell products that utilise the patent, after a 2 year period after manufacturing has stopped, they loose rights to the patent, and it becomes free for all to use.

Fancy 10 Gbps home broadband? Broadcom's built the guts of it

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I feel your pain

Virtual Man hug!

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Can I not buy this now !!!!!!

German spooks want to charge journalists with TREASON for publishing spy plans

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Re: Oh Barbara ...

the Streisand effect

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Oh Barbara ...

Do I hear your name being called

Windows 10 in head-on crash with Nvidia drivers as world watches launch

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I have to admit, I haven't looked at a IRQ in aaaaages ........

Thank you for reminding me when things were harder, puts it all in perspective.

Wi-Fi 'reflector' hooks you up at 0.1 per cent of current power budget

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Re: So what this is

@drop bear

So only good for phablets and above :)

Ford's parallel PARCing: Motor giant tries to craft new tech just like Xerox

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Re: "Cars already decide when to change gear for you"

@john Robson.

It will be an event which will be analysed thoroughly and the lesson(s) learnt will be taken on board by all other vehicles on the road, and *never* repeated.

You put way to much trust in corporations, how many times have they been caught covering up defects as it was cheaper to pay the odd legal battle.

Invisible app ads slug smartmobes with 2GB of daily downloads

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Re: blAndriod and Crapple

you get an upvote:) Not often you get to be smug in the mobile discussions :) enjoy

Although security through obscurity ... well we all know where that leads :D

Want longer battery life? Avoid the New York Times and The Grauniad

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Re: And the Reg?

El-Reg was the reason I got ABP, I dont mind adverts, just keep them responsible. It was when they started filling the entire background and you couldnt click on the sides to scroll down, that was when I got irritated enough to do something.

Considering It's El-Reg they should think about offering a Ad-free version.

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Re: Outside, trying to get in

yup, I will temporarily allow scripts till I find the one needed to display content. then allow it permanently, but it is amazing to see how many scripts are trying to concurrently run and what little need they have for it either !!

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Re: and the same tests done with

would be great to see this as a little browser add-on, how power hungry is this website. scored 1-100

New study into lack of women in Tech: It's not the men's fault

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Re: Not Quite The Same Every Where

I would say that the selection criteria is completely different.

You pick men who are already all in the field, so you end up with average Joe Bloggs,

Advertise select position for 1 or two female staff ... Get the elite.

Either way, who cares how many are in the profession, so long as its open as a choice to all.

Now car hackers can bust in through your motor's DAB RADIO

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and people really want

Cars that drive themselves ?

Terrorists wet dream I would of thought, how many cars on the road at any one time? OK lets just put every single one on full acceleration. Job done country is absolutely completely crippled.

closer to this story, how good is the security at radio stations? take over station quietly, please play this track from blah blah.

You can secretly snoop on someone if they butt-dial you – US judges

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"In sum, a person who knowingly operates a device that is capable of inadvertently exposing his conversations to third-party listeners, and fails to take simple precautions to prevent such exposure, does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to statements that are exposed to an outsider by the inadvertent operation of that device."

In reality, I don't think he knowingly operated the device !!!

Jeep drivers can be HACKED to DEATH: All you need is the car's IP address

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1980_coder, That is a bit unfair, replacing a stereo and laying down a cable with camera on the end isn't exactly more complex than Ikea furniture. You could safely assume 98% of the population could figure it out.

most tech luddites I know, are not stupid or incompetent, they are Lazy and would rather somebody else did it for them.

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Re: Once my

@Hellcat, Yup, or the crappy plastic wedges that hold the window in place, Although I drive a 2cv so don't even have to worry about that. Windows just Flap up.

Beaten blokes hate the women who frag them in online games

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Going to beat your downvotes

Bet it was console gamers as well.

Generally not particularly well known for loosing well.

El Reg hosts the IBM Bluemix Programming Competition 2015

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Re: Well, I was going to enter, but

Well, I was going to enter as well, but I also am disqualified :(

"that you can put together an program that can run within a time limit or on limited resources rather than just lashing together a hideous brute-force monstrosity."

An EPIC picture of Earth, sunny side up, from one million miles out

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Paris Hilton

Re: Why is the left edge of the atmosphere different from the right?

Wild shot in the dark whilst bronco riding.

Could it be the amount of moisture / dust in the air due to temperature difference, one side will generally be slightly warmer than the other due to being in the sun for longer.

SpaceX's blast shock delays world's MOST POWERFUL ROCKET

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Say what you like about Elon Musk, he's not boring. ®

I thought we had to be somewhat careful with our comments here ;)

Marshall wants to turn your phone UP TO ELEVEN

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I was under the impression that Android will support SD cards over 250GB

WHOA! Windows 10 to be sold on USB drives – what a time to be alive

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Re: I hope they let users create bootable CDs or DVDs from the packaged USB drive

go back and re-read the article

Lionel Baden

@ X7

"First, I have to ask why are you not booting and installing over the network for 1000+ PCs"

1) large number of sites - the upgrades were being carried out at the user locations

2) decentralised network - not all the sites had access to the same part of the local NHS COIN, we would have had problems finding a server available to all sites with enough bandwidth

3) because the guys who planned the rollout had limited degrees of freedom of thought and simply "wanted it done that way"........because they considered it more secure. Yes, really, Don't look at me like that......not my decision

In reality you're right - because it was a COIN network we should have been able to find a way, but weren't allowed to. But we've had other cases where it simply isn't possible - e.g. thousands of machines covering all the GP surgeries in an entire county, all on local domains, maybe a couple of hundred. Not something that can be done from a central server -the N3 network isn't fast enough


"I work for the NHS"

You Musk be joking: Tesla's zero to 60MPH in 2.8 SECONDS is literally 'ludicrous'

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Re: it's nearly 3am and I can still use a calculator...

Well done Vic.

Situation defused

Lenovo or HP Laptop

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oh yes a free upvote for your comments ;)