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Gov 'smart meter' plans: Sky box in charge of your house

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waste of money and time

so we are in a recession, and lets cut the meter reading jobs, great idea.

Spend the money on supplying me with a couple of solar panels, and a water heatexchanger on my roof, i'll let the energy comapny fit the unit to send extra power back into the national grid if they want.

then i can save money and save energy.

got to be cheaper then building and running a nucleur power station that nobody wants next to them

remote cut off, just like when BT decided to put me on paperless billing, without asking me, then we get a call, from a foreigner asking for our card payment details or we will be cut off.

Guess what, we didn't give it, and yes, got cut off.

3 days arguing and we got put back on, and charged for reconnection. eventually refunded!

that wil be fun mid winter with gas and electric !

Texting: Good for kids after all?

IT Angle

Future language and IT crap

Reading and writing correctly is reserved for exams only, mostly if you make a mistake, everyone will read it as you intended.

We've all seen the email with words that have the letters jumbled and can read it ok.

As for you IT people, look at all those programming languages with abbreviations some which make no sense atall !

Yes i went to a grammar school, but (deliberately put after a comma) we hardely use correct grammar.

The world is changing and our language with it, you know we'll all be using txt talk as normal in a hundred years, maybe even programming words chucked in too.

Choose the ones you like and get them mainstream before it's too late

Norfolk town's schools first to be heated by burning cattle


bernard matthews

Norfolk, shouldn't that be turkeys they are burning ?

Russian rides Phantom to OS immortality



just think of when you get a virus, it is permanent even if you switch off !

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

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Perhaps if schools taught windows and Linux (like they have to with other subjects, a range of all religions etc) then maybe the world would understand MS don't own the world.

Lego terrorist threatens democracy



These people exist, why shouldn't kids re-enact what these religious scum do.

They will find out sooner or later anyway.

Hopefully before they rule the world.


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