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Systemd 249 release candidate includes better support for immutable OSes and provisioning images

Matt Davies

It's just maths, init?

System D = System V * C

Apple files chip block stack patent

Matt Davies

might just have a point...

We've had stacked wafers for years, but the issue with them is loosing heat as they tend to bend when getting hot, causing problems with the contacts between the layers and thereby limiting the speed you can run the components at.

My guess is that the novelty they are trying for is the 'flexible plastic pcb' (aka 'flex') which might be better at keeping in contact allowing parts to run hotter and therefore faster. I guess the issue then becomes the thermal conductivity of the 'flex'.

I'm far from being an expert about these things, so someone will probably chip in an tell me I'm all wrong.

Linux kernel cured of remote panic-attack bug

Matt Davies

More fuel in Monolithic vs micro kernel argument?

Would this be a good example of kernel-side device drivers being a bit of a liability?

Fresh tech hiccup for V-22 tiltrotor fleet

Matt Davies


Doesn't anyone use lockwire and split pins anymore?

Leaving PCs on costing UK business millions

Matt Davies
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But how expensive is it to shut them down?

How much time is spent waiting for the machine to boot up, log in to various systems, and reopen all the files you had the previous day?

If it's only 20 minutes to get back to where you were it's still far more expensive than the cost of the electricity to keep the machine on overnight. Do you want to get into work 20 minutes earlier and leave 10 minutes later to keep the same productivity?

Lets not even get started with virus scans, loosing undo on all the files that you closed when you shut down, finding the correct place in the files you had open, etc...

They used 'em, you reeled: the year's most overused phrases

Matt Davies
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Web 2.0 and 'Widgetise' are the worst thus far...

However I eagerly await Web 3.11 for Workgroups

Supersonic fighters could snuff out hurricanes

Matt Davies


I warned them not to spark up that doobie whilst watching Superman 2.