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Star Wars 3D holo displays becomes a reality

Samuel Williams

Presumably this wouldn't be very healthy to organic life forms if they got in the way; so whilst it may not have a screen, it does seem to be wrapped in box. Still, an interesting diversion from making cheap suits.

My home is bugged ... with temp sensors to save me cash

Samuel Williams

*Heat* itself doesn't rise - it transfers from a hot place to a cold place. But, *hot air* rises because it is less dense than cold air, which is most likely what's to blame for heat transfer in the house. Our hallway is kept a little cool (with TRV) - the main thermostat is now in the lounge. Overly heating the hallway will probably send the hot air up the stairs. Thermostats were very often installed in hallways (as was ours), which makes no sense really - why optimise the temperature in a room you only walk through? A wireless jobby put a stop to that.

Samuel Williams

If you haven't got them, you really need thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) upstairs at least (or ideally anywhere away from the main roomstat). Made a huge difference when we put them in - upstairs is now cooler than downstairs. If that's not an option, you could try balancing the radiators. This means using the valves to restrict flow to make sure each radiator is heating up at the same rate and you really need thermometer(s) and patience to do it properly.

LOHAN gets hands on mighty thruster

Samuel Williams

Hmm, will the vac tube have to be a special material at those low temps to avoid problem with contraction or degradation? Also, you might be able to run it up the gap between the two chambers and out the open top, rather breach the outer casing. Alternatively, I wonder if you could evacuate the chamber without the need for making holes at all by using the schoolboy experiment of boiling water (or something else?) to drive out the air, pop the lid on and allow to cool...

YouView to adopt Freeview channel list rules

Samuel Williams

If only we could invent some other kind of sequencing system

...one that didn't involve numbers. Maybe it could be based around the channel name somehow? Using initial letters perhaps? Of course, we'd have to get the YouView committee together to debate the exact sequence for a few years.

Swedish cops free boozy moose from tree

Samuel Williams

Most amoosing.


HP's UK PC boss: We're going nowhere

Samuel Williams

But which is better? FIIIIIIGHT!

I like new technology. I like obsolete technology. Sadly I missed out on this chance to buy something that is both.

Roboprobe spacecraft off to grope asteroid

Samuel Williams

Football fields

Ah, but presumably that's US football fields, not international standard football fields?

Gov urged to extend rural mobe, broadband coverage

Samuel Williams

They're not trousers

They're corduroy slacks.

Calling all readers: Want some new icons?

Samuel Williams

I remember when the internet was just fields

How about something for reminiscing, those were the days, etc?

Terrorists stamp on Indy's Kate Middleton jelly bean

Samuel Williams

Widdecombe of the Week

NTK: Anyone remember this? Need "those were the days" icon.

RAF Eurofighters make devastating attack – on Parliament

Samuel Williams

"BAE [...] up in arms"


Digital player maker 'incited consumers to break the law', says ASA

Samuel Williams

Review please!

This thing has been advertised in Private Eye for ages - looks good, but I'd be keen to read a Reg review!

Asus Eee Pad Slider

Samuel Williams
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Looks good...

...but I've yet to see an opening mechanism as pleasing as the Psion Revo!

Library e-books to become too tatty to lend

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What piffle

Have HarperCollins ever actually taken out a library book? Many I take out have years-and-years of date stamps in the front. Even the well-chewed and abused kiddie books last longer than 26 loans.

Ford Focus 2011

Samuel Williams

Cyclists beware

.So if I'm in slow-moving traffic and ease over the white lines to pass a cyclist, it's going to automatically steer me back straight into them? Nice.

BBC rebuilds Civilisation in HD

Samuel Williams

Can't stand "docudramas"

And I'm sure Horizon used to be good once too. Bring back Equinox, I say.

EU in Chinese garlic-crushing operation

Samuel Williams

Now if only they could tackle the issue of the EU

That organised crime syndicate dressed up as a democracy.

Imagin IMEB-5 colour e-book reader

Samuel Williams


Why, that's less than one Roman ounce.


Samuel Williams

Daily Mail?

Aren't they worried that paper-based airborne transport will simply provide another way in for gangs of illegal Playmobil immigrants? Where will it all end?

PARIS laid bare in intimate snaps

Samuel Williams
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Awesome stuff!

Can't wait for the shots of PARIS going down.

MYSTERY of vanished PARIS spaceplane, playmonaut

Samuel Williams


Let's hope he had a majestic descent to Earth, and wasn't just knocked off the balloon by a branch.

Vulture One PARIS spaceplane telemetry LIVE ONLINE

Samuel Williams


It seems to be steadily losing altitude if that figure is to be believed...

BT ad banned for 'misleading' customers over broadband speeds

Samuel Williams

Up to = less than

I was in a nasty chain store the other day which had a massive "always up to 60% off" sign painted across one wall. Surely that's true of everywhere? 0% off is still "up to 60%". It should read "never more than 60% off"...

Retailer serves up Monty Python 'waffer thin' mints

Samuel Williams

I for one won't be buying them.

Until they sort out that missing apostrophe.

Google patents search that tracks your mouse moves

Samuel Williams

AJAX email

Interesting that. I remember some discussions with a client a long while ago who wanted to do just that. We came to the conclusion that it might be a bit iffy, privacy/DPA-wise. In clicking a submit button you are consciously sending that data through, can agree to any terms and conditions, etc; but sneakily grabbing the email before I have necessarily decided I definitely want to send it doesn't seem right...

I'm sure some laywer could formulate a "in viewing this website you are agreeing to our terms which allow us to do what we want" type thing, but we weren't comfortable with it.

Council urges army drinkers to break the law

Samuel Williams


...but my understanding is that you do not need to carry your driving licence when driving; but if stopped then the police can demand that you present it at a police station within 14 days (I think).

I certainly don't carry it. If my wallet got nicked they'd have my credit cards, DOB and address; which is basically all you need for an online spending spree. And if they had my house keys too, then bye-bye stuff...

Our Vulture 1 aircraft begins to take shape

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Now all you need is a paper Colditz from which to launch it!

Bendy bike inventor scores design prize win

Samuel Williams

Safety first

A very interesting idea, but I'm more concerned about the apparent lack of brakes.

Women reveal all for X-rayted pin-up calendar

Samuel Williams

Courtesy of The Goons...

...on finding a skull: "It must be a woman."; "Why?"; "The mouth's open!"

Nokia C5

Samuel Williams

Sensory confusion

> ...equaliser had practically no effect on sound output, as far as I could see

Well yes, I expect you would have a problem seeing the sound output..

iPad beats BlackBerry for browsing

Samuel Williams

And in other news...

...Pope finds practising Catholicism preferable to other religions.

Fujifilm Finepix HS10 bridge camera

Samuel Williams

Flash, hood, filters?

Anyone know how it performs with external flash? Any scope for lens hood or filters?

What I really want is a basic DSLR with a manservant to carry a selection of lenses, but we have to cut back on in these economic times, so I'm thinking this could well be a substitute.

QinetiQ lends PARIS a helping hand

Samuel Williams

I don't believe in coincidence

According to the news last night, that's the same number as are trying to negotiate a deal between the Libs and Tories. The threat of impending loss of consciousness ought to speed things up a bit.

'Minimalist, whimsical' Google search given Bing-like overhaul

Samuel Williams

Now you see it, now you don't

I was doing some searching last night, and it came up randomly with new and old layouts. I guess maybe they're rolling it out piecemeal and it depends which server you hit...

Rubber Duck banned from txt

Samuel Williams

10,000 pounds, is that right?

If my basic maths serves,10k pounds is only just over 4.5 metric tonnes: which probably includes most of those lovely SUVs once loaded with suitably obese passengers.

Bob the Builder slapped with CGI rendering

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Better in the old days...

I assume it'll be that nasty, shiny, over-done 3D you see with all these. I've got some old videos (that's VHS, folks) of Postman Pat, Wombles and the like: looks so much nicer... Pigeon Street - now *that* was animation.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1

Samuel Williams

Is that Peterborough?

Actually, you don't usually need the adapter to plug the MS Duo card into a full-sized MS slot on card readers, say: you just need to make sure it's central so the pins line up. Having said that, I have come across some on those photo machines which are especially deep and that poses a problem... Asleep yet?

UK Border Agency delights with festive e-card

Samuel Williams

On the plus side...

...at least ASCII art is alive and well.

Revealed: The amazing premise behind Ridley Scott's Monopoly

Samuel Williams

Hmm, great.

How about a film based on Buckaroo?

Qualcomm proffers first smartbook platform

Samuel Williams

Psion, where are you?

The world needs a 5MX with 3G.

Hands on with Asus' redesigned Eee Keyboard

Samuel Williams
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Computer in a keyboard?

I had one of these with TWO 3.5" floppy drives no less!


Samsung steels itself for Twittering yoof touchphone release

Samuel Williams


Perhaps they could throw in a trouser press to help smarten them yoofs up?

Apple admits iPhone apps not suitable for business

Samuel Williams
Jobs Horns

Hipocrisy? There's an app for that.

Have I not seen Apple's own ads on telly featuring applications that take credit card details and produce invoices? Maybe it's just meant for easing those awkward transactions when dividing restaurant bills...

Adobe patches 'critical' flaws in ColdFusion, JRun

Samuel Williams

Wow, ColdFusion gets a mention

Didn't think I'd ever see a CF story in the wider community: it's so much of a niche these days (at least in Blighty). Three cheers for it though!

Mine's the one with the Allaire logo...

El Reg to launch space paper plane

Samuel Williams
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Being a vulture...

...shouldn't it circle rather than glide long distances? Or is that buzzards?

O2 data network falls over again

Samuel Williams

Had to follow my nose

I was walking along looking at Google Maps when I suddenly got a message saying there was no network coverage. Reception bars were still showing a good GPRS connection though, so I assume I was a victim of this. Grrr - I nearly had to resort to asking an actual person to help find my way.

Street View snooptrike stalks Siena

Samuel Williams


Wouldn't fancy carrying that up a fight of steps.

Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS

Samuel Williams

I look forward to...

...seeing a Google Netbook (Beta) on the shelf in PC World.

Dixons cuts off Norse to right base

Samuel Williams


That has got to be the worst headline ever; but then I can't help but salute the evil genius.