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Honda shows off Insight hybrid

Ben Park


101g/km. Puts it in the same tax band as my diesel Clio, which also does claims 65mpg to the new Honda's 67.

If they'd got it to 100 or below, it'd be road tax free.

As others have said, 67mpg isn't anything special anymore.

So the new Honda is marginally better, a lot more expensive, and mine I can fuel at any petrol station....where do I sign the HP agreement?

LaCie showcases hella-expensive display

Ben Park

@Adrian Esdaile

Surely the old proprietary cables were done during the non-Jobsian era? Steve's not the one to blame - he's the one who standardized them now.

Microsoft and Apple: 25 years of couples therapy

Ben Park

off-topic - "Cupertino-based"?

Just something I've wondered for a while. Why does every single story involving Apple, mention the location of their head-offices?

Is there something magical about Cupertino, that I'm not getting? (what with living in the UK, and all)

They might own the place for all I know - I've never seen "Cupertino-based" in a story that didn't involve Apple.

You certainly don't see "London-based" on every story about the BBC though, or "Manchester-based-bint" on every story about Gemma Atkinson.

Nikon D90 digital SLR with HD video recording

Ben Park

No example video?

As the purpose of this is that it's a DSLR and camcorder, I was expecting some example video footage, even if it was compressed down just to show how bad the wobbles are.

Also, I'd argue that 5mins max video means it isn't a camcorder - just a DSLR that happens to have a tiny video mode. Most cheap compact cameras will do short, shaky, bad clips of video...nothing to get excited about.

Virgin Galactic leases itself a spaceport

Ben Park


"The agreement coincides with the beginning of test flights for Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnight Two carrier craft in MOJAVE, California."

Are we sure it's really their aircraft?

Maybe it's an old one of Nasa's, they've written "Virgin" on the side of, in an effort to make people think it's safer, and they'll get ordinary people/actors (with no knowledge of spaceflight) to sit in it for 5minutes and see if they think it'll work like it should. They could use it in the commercials...and call it.. "The Mojave Experiment"

Mine's the one with 'The Rough Guide to California' in the pocket

Wikipedia exceeds $6m donation goal

Ben Park
Paris Hilton

not sure of their censorship

I've got no issue with the factual, geographic, historic, etc...things on Wikipedia.

But I don't understand where the "celebrity" ones begin and end.

I've seen minor celebs from late-night sky/cable or local radio scrapped as not famous enough to be on there, but Big Brother contestants remain?

Frankly I've got a lot more respect for someone who spins a roulette wheel on a channel few people watch, or sells revolting jumpers on Bid-Up, than I have for some shouty obnoxious bint whose only claim-to-fame is drinking a fish gut smoothy or wanking with a wine bottle.

Paris, because she's probably famous enough to be on there

Cellular repeaters: Can you hear me now?

Ben Park
Paris Hilton


...the network operators don't actively encourage this, and perhaps even send their own hired goons to install them outside on a nice long pole.

It's for their benefit after all, and they're not even paying the electricity for them.

I know Orange paid quite a lot of money to have an antenna installed at Wookey Hole Caves, and consequently it's probably the only middle-of-nowhere underground caves in the world with full signal and 3g access. No signal on any other network anywhere nearby except the car park.

Paris, because she'd look good on a pole.

BBC: Top Gear Tesla didn't run out of juice

Ben Park

The actual wording

Just found a YouTube clip of the actual TopGear segment.

Clarkson actually says: "Although Tesla say it will do 200 miles, we WORKED OUT that on our track it would run out after just 55 miles.

And IF it does run out, its not a quick job to charge it up again."

Granted if you weren't really paying attention (I wasn't the first time I watched it), that would look like it had ran out. A bit dodgy really, the way they showed it.

The fact remains though - you can't charge it up at an 'electric station' like you could with petrol/diesel/lpg, and it DOES take 16 hours to charge off a standard plug socket. Unless Shell/Esso are going to provide some sort of high-speed electric charging posts, then batteries in that design are a non starter.

I like the idea of the hydrogen one, although given how LPG seems to have died on it's arse (not sure why), I can imagine hydrogen taking a long time to become available nationwide, if at all.

Teen-bothering sonic device now does grownups too

Ben Park

i can hear them too

I'm over 25 (not by much) but I can hear these horrible things (the ones aimed at children). I tested one with a friend of 32, and he could hear it as well.

If they want to play loud irritating noises, fine. I'll go one further than not hanging around though, and just not go to the area at all. Great for the local economy that is. In the same way I won't use websites that have enormous animated flash adverts that cover up what I'm reading, I won't buy from anywhere that actively discourage me spending time near their shops.


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