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Fox terminates The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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They lost me in the first ep

In what universe does a 15 year old boy fail to ask a hot robot whether she's anatomically correct?!

BlackBerry advert sticks it to Apple

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Actually Apple ads often don't display their product either (unless that skinny pencilled-on-moustache guy counts as product)

@Ian Davies - too quiet on the groups for you these days? News stories aren't the best place to last-word your way to Nazi name calling because people move on to the latest story and won't be around to bask in your genius/laugh at your tryhardness/etc...

HP imposes staff wage cuts

Randle McDandle

Attrition accelerator

Jeez they will do anything to avoid making redundancy payouts. Hurdo, you can have these ideas for free:

It's healthier to stand while working, so remove all chairs

Truth and reconciliation commission where unhappy customers can vent at randomly selected workers

We can't afford cleaners any more, you're rostered on fortnightly Thursday evenings. I want to be able to eat off that urinal

Red Dwarf touches down in Coronation Street

Randle McDandle

Mashup crime

pleeeease no more genre f***ing...tv is also a scorched earth situation in the antipodes and banal stuff like coro that never got a look in while i was in the uk is considered "shakespeare of the modern age" down here!

HP cancels Christmas in the UK and Éire

Randle McDandle

Ahhhh now it all makes sense!

@HP .... a caring company to work for ... NOT said:

"they have now cancelled all salary revues"

Of course! HP mistakenly thought this was Xmas entertainment too!


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