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Everything Everywhere's 4G: Why I'm sitting this one out

Sean Foreman

don't forget data caps..

until the networks drop the extortionate charges for data and caps there's absolutely no point in the phone that will simply chew up your allowance 10x quicker..

Orange spreads Glasto goofery to t-shirts

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great ....

if you don't mind looking like a teletubbie

Another murderer pops up on Facebook

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@Breaking Rocks

If you can get passed the EU working regulations .......

'Get cameraphones out of nurseries' plea

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Camera phones..

are already banned in some companies on the basis they can be used for spying (ie copying information, taking pictures of building layouts, etc) and or could have an adverse effect on other equipment (for example in hospital wards, planes, computer rooms, etc) or where security could be breached - eg prisons (although that's all cameras, not just camera phones)

Where there's a clearly identified risk the precedent is already there to ban their use.

In one company I worked for all mobile phones, regardless of whether they had a camera, were collected from staff visitng the site and handed back at the end of their visit - it does make life hard for the poor engineer who needs his phone for looking up call details, etc, but there are always workarounds in most situations.

Olympic cock-up knocks East London off Internet

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The Police were unaware...

presumably because no-one could ring them to let them know??

Motor quango thumbsup for satnav speed restrictions

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Cheaper insurance?

Well, if you opted to fit the system and could therefore prove you were driving within the speed limit at the time of an accident (and if the person who hit you couldn't do the same) it should make insurance claims far easier to handle, reducing costs, which could then be passed onto the consumer?? I doubt it!

McDonalds survey scam is super-size fraud

Sean Foreman

It's true what they say....

no such thing as a free lunch!!