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MS packs yet more tweaks into 'near-ready' Windows 7


Another Roll Eyes Moment

God damn it, im sick of microsoft haters.

If it wasnt for them we could very well be stuck in CLI days with a very basic GUI,

But we dont know that.

Everything is linked in one way or another. So while Vista was a dog, just think of it this way, we all use computers in a different way, and half of the code was rewritten, so while they may try and use it in as many ways as possible they still wont get all the ways down.

Its a never ending circle.

So why dont you got back to your lil corners with your linux laptops while i sit back, listen to some music on Mac OS X 10.5.6, and write this up and look at your whinish tantrums on IE8 on Windows 7, so yeah, not EVERYONE has a bad experience, so if I were you, get your head out your ass and see that the world isnt about you.

Intel 'Nehalem' Xeons poised for March 31 launch



Finally, ive been looking for pricing over in the UK and nothing, and we all know its not the same price as it is in the States, with the E55** series being roughly the same value in £ as it is in $.

Shame really that.

Still, I can start dreaming and they can pop up on Xtreme Systems.

And I can tell the team at my school about them too =D

AMD lifts veil on six-core Constantinople Istanbul

Thumb Up

Chinese or Turkish Delight

Are they hinting at the food they eat?

I would personally love to see a review of Shanghai vs Istanbul, would be rather interesting imo.

Then compare Istanbul to Dunnington.

Either way, its gna beat the crap outta any current MP Server that isnt Dunnington, I should hope anyway.

PS. Do I get chinese with Shanghai or Turkish Delights with Istanbul?

Microsoft plays with small, sleepy servers



This is quite cool, considering the amout of big ass data centers microsoft have.

I dont quite see them (microsoft) replacing their big ass servers with these just yet however.

And I dont see intel lowering their current xeons down to this thermal envelope, without having to make some announcement on what is new.

AMD have the right idea, releasing low energy versions and high performance versions of their Opterons. Maybe Intel should follow suit? or will this namby-fucking-pamby patent world have them all crying like babies over a stupid dummy.

Never saw the point of them anyway....

IBM lands 25 teraflop iDataplex cluster in Bluegrass State

Black Helicopters


Gief, please, just gief one to my Technology School.

1,400 pupils might not sound much but the network grinds at peak usage. Some dim wit from outta the school fucked up the server installation (yes im 13 and work in the server office *puts on sunnies, Horatio Caine Impression*).

Now, how can I go about procuring one for both my school and me:D.

AH CRAP, here come the Black Blackhawks, Gta go peoples time for Some Sweet Rambo with ma M4 *puts sunnies on again and cocks rifle*

See ya

Website changes link text to settle trade mark fight



Is it me or did that make little to no sense in the way the writer posted it?

May just be me and 13 yr old brain on half term mode but come on, atleast have some way of making it understandable.

All I got was that Blockshopper had a page with *Jones day Employee Name* on it, and a link to the Jones Day Site?

Im not even sure if I got that.

Also, this is to be honest, weird. If people are really worried, and really think this sorta stuff is going to happen, wouldn't Microsoft of done it ages ago if it really benefited them?

Think about it peoples.

Simples *meerkat voice*

PS Should i be careful because no im violating the IP of Comparethemarket.com?