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Apple files patent for iPad weight loss

Carl Deaker

Not so Heavy Metal

As Apple has purchased worldwide exclusive rights to use materials developed by LiquidMetal they may decide not to go down the carbon fiber route and substitute carbon fiber with metal. At the very end of the patent application it says:

[0052]The foregoing has been generally described with respect to particular embodiments and methods of manufacture. It will be apparent to those of ordinary skill in the art that certain modifications may be made without departing from the spirit or scope of this disclosure. For example, a fiber other than carbon may be used as a strengthening or stiffening element. As one example, certain metals may be used instead, or another type of plastic may be used. Accordingly, the proper scope of this disclosure is set forth in the following claims.

Still, if you want to see some seriously strong and thin carbon fiber then have a look at this http://www.stylepark.com/en/established-und-sons/surface-table

Genuine white iPhone 4 spied in wild

Carl Deaker

Mr Fry?

Was the "The unnamed gent" Stephen Fry?


Chinese tablet maven threatens iPad suit

Carl Deaker

iMac "homage"

If you look at Great Loong's web site they have an All-In-One PC (called Product-31 and Product-30) computers that look suspiciously like really cheap iMac knock-offs (see picture all-in-one PC with the yellow Ferrari displayed). Shame about the hideous LED clock in the bottom stand. Perhaps Apple can counter sue?

UK retailers say gadgets will be cheaper on Monday

Carl Deaker

Still waiting till Monday

Online stores such as Wiggle, DSG (Dixons, Currys, PC World etc), Comet were quick to pass on the VAT rate (Amazon took a bit longer) - this was simply done by either the buyer typing in a coupon code or (as in DSG's case later on in the week) the coupon/voucher code was automatically applied at the check-out. This was good, but it did mean that you could not use another coupon code in conjunction with the new VAT rate. I'm waiting for Monday when their systems (hopefully) should be updated so that the main price reflects the new VAT rate and I can use a different coupon code to get even further savings.


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