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Lori Drew guilty in MySpace bully trial

Fred Moolten

Lori Drew verdict

In my view, the verdict in this case was reasonable, if anything could be called "reasonable" in light of the human tragedy involved. Lori Drew was neither innocent nor a murderer. Her irresponsible disregard for the potential harm in the scheme she facilitated deserved not only moral but legal redress, particularly given her status as a middle-aged parent involved in conflicts between adolescents. Whether the legal validity of the verdict will be upheld on appeal remains to be seen, but the law has always used tools at its disposable to achieve justice, even when the tools were designed for different circumstances, and this is an appropriate mechanism if not abused. It's worth recalling that Al Capone, the murderous boss of the Chicago crime syndicate many decades ago, escaped imprisonment until he was finally convicted and sentenced for tax evasion - having failed to report the income from his criminal activities.