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Apple-branded unicorn spotted at 3

Michael Coulter
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Also available from Orange

TalkTalk kills Tiscali

Michael Coulter

What no webmail

Tried to log into Tiscali webmail yesterday and my account information was not being accepted - tried again today and still no access.

You can't even contact customer services unless you are a paying customer so it looks as if it's bye bye to tiscali free webmail

Government announces shortlist for ID card contracts

Michael Coulter

Should that not be!!!

IBM, Fujitsu, CSC, Thales and EDS - an HP Company.

since EDS was bought out by HP last week!!!

Moduslink blames OEMs for Vista upgrade delays

Michael Coulter

Total Incompetents!!!

I have just received yet another copy of the same e mial I received yesterday saying that they cannot find any trace of a payment being made by me (see e mail below)

Forwarded it onto their Marketing department!!!

Dear Mr. Coulter,

Thank you for contacting the Upgrade Redemption Support Centre.

We regret to inform you that as we were unable to trace any payment for your order number… it has now been cancelled.

However, if your account has already been charged and you wish to proceed with the order for your upgrade, we kindly request you to send us a proof of payment by fax to enable us to check our records and place a new order for you.

Our fax number is + 31 55 543 39 46.

If your account has not been charged, there is still a possibility to place a new order with a credit card on our website until 11 May 2007.

The website for entering your order is https://upgradeweb.moduslink.com/Vista

(or https://upgradeweb.moduslink.com/Vista/HP)

To prevent any further delay in processing your new order, we kindly request you to send an email containing your original order number and your new order number so we can link the documentation previously sent to your new order.

If, for any reason you are unable to place a new order on our website, please call us on one of the following numbers and we will be happy to place an order for you. To do so, we will need to know the manufacturer, model, serial number and COA number of your computer as well as the purchase date.

Our toll free phone numbers are:

00800 666 44 666 for Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

For Spain: 900 973 154.

For all other countries please use + 31 88 00 16 102. (this is not a toll free number)

If your account has been inadvertently charged by us and you do not wish to proceed with the order for your upgrade, please send us your full bank details so we can process a refund.

Name of your bank

City of your bank

Name of the accountholder

Account number

BIC/Swift code


IBAN code

Kind Regards,

The Upgrade Redemption Support Centre.

Address :

Technical Upgrade Program Vista

P.O. Box 252

7300 AG Apeldoorn

The Netherlands

Web site : http://upgradeweb.moduslink.com/vista/

E-Mail : Europe : MSTUPVISTAEMEA@moduslink.com

What Muppets!!!!

Michael Coulter

Vista - What Vista???

I like may others who have gone for this Upgrade will have received e mails to say that there order has been cancelled.

In my case they refuse to accept that payment had been made for the upgrade even after a fax was sent to the number provided by Moduslink with confirmation of payment being made.

If any further promotions involve using Moduslink as a supplier then i think I’ll forget about it and go elsewhere!!!

If nothing is received from them soon I will have to look at legal action against them!!

Microsoft feasts on Vista coupons for record quarter

Michael Coulter

Vista - What Vista???

After long delays and numerous e mails - payment of postage charges still no software.

I checked the status of my order this morning only to find that they have cancelled the order.

No e mail or communication in any way as to why the order was cancelled even after the order had been confirmed.

Just waiting to hear from them after the e mail I sent this morning asking why the order was cancelled and pointing out the fact that what they have done would possibly be classed as fraud or theft.

Michael Coulter

Vista - What Vista???

I, like many others who took the express upgrade path (and i use the term express in the loosest possible term) are still waiting for the software to be sent.

I have now been waiting for nearly 12 weeks, money has been taken from my account for the software but no e mail to say it has been sent and no reply to any e mails to Moduslink!! And no updates on their website.

That will be where their extra profit is coming from - taking money and not supplying the software!!

Microsoft want to rethink when they choose partners for any of their promotions and make sure that they get someone that can actually deliver the product when they say they will!!