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Man creates third-gen iPhone rumours picture

Aaron Singh
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Not that I'm a massive supporter of Apple but its a bit unfair suggesting that there is a low chance of Video calling. Most phones of that price range have 3G video calling anyway but then again this is apple.

Also I think 802.11n WiFi is useless, unless Apple upgrade the Hardware majorly , the processor and system won't be able to cope with the extra speeds of 802.11n , not to mention the battery drain.

We'll see what Apple do, but I wouldn't get your hopes up, this is Apple ; LowSpec HiGUI HiPrice .

Windows 7 to ship October 22

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The sily versions again...

What is it with Microsoft and their OS versions. This makes it difficult for the consumer and I think that sales assistants in shops will be forced to sell the more expensive Ultimate version for more money ,when Home premium is what most consumers need.

On a lighter note

The Windows 7 RC in 64bit has been brilliant for me. However I am also worried about the lack of testing.

Windows 7 — It’s like Vista, only less annoying

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Finally I can get away from Vista.

It's trying to to turn me mad.

Virgin Media switches to Gmail

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I was getting fed up with that measly 30mb storage.

It seems that VM have done something good for once.

However does this mean gmail targeted advertising?

BBC goes live... over Wi-Fi

Aaron Singh

Rant Alert!

Once again like the iPlayer this doesn't work on the Nokia N82 or the N95 it seems. 2 devices that are more than capable of running live TV. I'm gonna take a wild guess that this crap works on the N96, a device which is less powerful than the N82. So it seems the BBC have teamed up with Nokia to make it work on only the newest devices. So much for unbiased.

Rant Over..

LametopsLaptops Direct offers free funerals

Aaron Singh

April Fools

I'm guessing its an April Fools day joke?

iPhone finally gets Skype

Aaron Singh

iPod Touch?

Does anyone think this will work with thte iPod Touch , even just for some of the Skype group calls.Or will they make us fork out for an external mic ; or worse... an iPhone.

Eircom to block Pirate Bay

Aaron Singh
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Hope this doesn't come to the UK

First Ireland, soon UK?

Usually after this , all the other companies follow on. I certainly hope a UK ISP doesn't adopt this policy, because others will almost certainly follow on especially with the record companies taking out lawsuits! Do they not know that torrent sites and "illegal" music sharing sites are not just for "Illegal" sharing, there's alot of open source content and Creative Commons licensed works on these websites.

Absolutely Terrible.

Steve represents the Music industry in general (with iTunes and the like) , Evil Steve = Evil Music Industry

Mumbai terrorist attacks kill at least 100

Aaron Singh

Truly Terrible

This is a truly terible occurence and my heart goes out to all the victims of this terrible incidence. Let's hope that the perportrators can be caught.


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