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Wacky Jacqui spanked by husband


But her "main" residence is he sister's house...

Wasn't whacki recently protesting that she spent "most" of her time living at her sister's place?

If so why is she claiming internet OR tv at her "weekend" residence?

Humax Foxsat-HDR Freesat HD digital video recorder

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Single LNB

RE: Single cable and LNB to record 1 / view another at same time is posible

By Nigel R

Care to elaborate? I can't find details of this new LNB anywhere... Got a link?

I know you can use the "loop through" on the back but that restricts you to watching/recording on the same band/polarity as the 1st tuner (1 of 4 possible band/polarity combinations)

Then there are the "stacker-destacker" devices that "stack" the bands on top of one another for transmission down a single cable, but AFAIK this can't be fed straight into the Foxsat, it still needs the destacker to separate them...

My folks managed to bag the last HDR in the local independant shop just after new year - fantastic bit of kit, my only gripe lies with ITV (put something in HD apart from football) and C4 (work out the contractual obligations with $ky and get your HD content on Freesat)

Russian's emoticon trade mark won't wash with EU



Surely 1982 was in the 20th Century?


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