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Government data review grants more data sharing power

Andrew Pinder

Labour pary rule

It would be good to examin what 'a minister will only do it if it is int the public interest' really means.

In reality it means when a minster (labour party member) feels it would be good for the labour party.

My wife is a doctor - she tells me that a few years ago the Labour party renegotiated the dictors pay contracts inserting a clause allowing them to force a contract on doctors if the national interest requires it. Last year a new round of negotiations was finished off with the threat to use this power - because the labour party wanted to avoid problems.

There are more examples to this dictatorial socialist strain. See the original Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill 2006 - where a minister (labour party member) woul dbe able to ammed any law for almost any purpose at will. THereby bypassing parliament. Luckily the Bill was ammended before becoming law but there it remains - a testament for all who care to read. http://www.saveparliament.org.uk/index.php