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World hunts CherryPal cloud PC chimera


Another Brand Angel weighing in

I'm a CP Brand Angel too, and can verify that there are about 105 of us in the Ning group and nobody has received anything yet. Despite CherryPal's assertion that 150 computers have already supposedly been shipped, I can say with confidence that NOBODY has received one of these computers yet because there hasn't been one word anywhere either online or in print about it. If it were for real--and if the lucky 150 people who received them were "super geeks" who trumped the 130 Brand Angels who had to sign contracts for the deal--wouldn't we be reading about it somewhere?

CherryPal SWEARS that the Brand Angels will be shipped their computers on Dec. 4 (I think that's the date--will have to check the discussion again)--but I will be absolutely shocked if I ever see that computer.

The thing is, at this point, even if the machine itself was incredible, the customer service would be so deplorable that the company would go out of business in a minute. It's not like they invented the concept of cloud computing--there are many credible, well-funded competitors out there who will be able to produce not only the computer but the reputation and customer service to back them.


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