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Google Android future haunted by fragmentation past

David Farinic

thanx g0d for WindowsMobile ;)

thanx g0d for WindowsMobile ;)

Planned 3D web graphics standard taps JavaScript

David Farinic


I used to make for ISP vrml pages before 98 ... back then everybody said.. lack of hw speed it keeping it from wider deployment ... then i realized its more about why would enybody need it instead of fast straight forward 2D solution... till till 2007 when i found second life "The GRID"

because by its playing nature ppl colaborated & found out how 3D can be usefull however Linden Labs killed its potential by not moving towards 3D WEB. They stop producing features which would turn it in 3D web server solution all they needed to listen where other comanies not just IBM ... so there is still litlle hope but fainting... competition doesn't stop.

Windows 7 finds home at Intel

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our company is moving to win7 as well

We skipped vista and we already decided to move to win7 from xp.

for Havin_it: you have 8 y old comps? seems like your company is not thinking economicaly long term just short term.. given you have to change hardisk every max 5 years... Monitors... you should have bought already new computers instead of changing parts:)

Toshiba TG01 smartphone

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Still most capable device

remember Iphone is fast as it dictates how many and which processes you can run parallely... their strength is focus on responsivnes of their device something witch M$ forgot...

But still this device can do much MUCH more than any other device you compared with...

WinMon has any app you want as there are no restrictions for developers. thats shows when

you simply compare number of Web Browsers available right now I am counting 7.

Review is missing some points about main attraction ... processor... usually reviewers shows fps statistics from various formats from dcore player

or at least you could try youtube HQ video ... also missing video what would be fair if you talking about speed of the device.

Atom UMPC first casualty of OQO money woes?

David Farinic

i want one if it makes out

My source of news regarding OQO is www.oqotalk.com where you can find out that some units sent to repair have been returned without fix and without word whats going on...support returns just voice mailbox etc... and that dynamism still list unit to be delivered on 22nd may... but no extra batteries are listed

I played with unit on CEBIT 2009 .. love it OLED is amazing... i want it even if they fold afterwards... but et least let my buy 1 spare battery ...;)

Microsoft's idea of Family Protection? Block Google

David Farinic

tested it...

I was testing it for 2 weeks and it didnt block google for me.

Maybe there is some misscomunication as programmer for gfi webmonitor I know that some schoools require disabling of google image search etc... however during my testing MS family filter was just too invasive... I wouldnt use it for my children...

Google splits with Mozilla on 3D interwebs

David Farinic

3D has lot of space/potential to render data in usefull angle/view

3D has lot of space/potential to render data in usefull angle/view, yet so little succeed...

Maybe reason is that we want to do too much too soon... As a GUI developers knows...

to make usefull 2DGUI application seems simple yet its so hard and one can not pretend his first idea is the best.

In secondlife (dont think about it as game pls for a moment) there were lot of new ideas how 3d GUI can look like.. and actually in meetings where 30-60 ppl interacted with 3D GUI objects creators could see how ppl are using it.

I had hope that project leaders behind secondlife would try to push it also as next gen 3D web

however they stopped this trend 1,5 y ago

Maybe we should try first make usefull desktop applications which use 3D GUI and only then move it to WWW... and keep in mind less is sometimes more!

New Windows virus attacks PHP, HTML, and ASP scripts

David Farinic

for Angry clown

Ye and those compromised php all run on OSyou mentioned.. wake up and check your webserver

World's fastest production car to gain electric twin

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reminds me of http://www.lightningcarcompany.co.uk/nanosafe.php

maybe somebody can do real interview with such companies?

Google sponsored links caught punting malware

David Farinic

WinRar with trojan was detected in october directly from winrar site

In october i was presenting GFI WebMonitor capabilities and 2 days before presentation for some reason i needed to download winrar from oficial site.. guess what

Kaspersky scanner build in GFI WebMonitor4 detected one version as infected. 2 days later they cleaned it.

Its too easy to "slip" for any site...

Sadville insecurity invites pickpockets

David Farinic
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Some hacker looks for fame by finding new, talked about, applications.

RE:>"they simply did not think about security when they developed this application"

IMHO its not true. Their forums disscuss such cases and bear in mind that they MUST think about security all the time as there are:

1: milions of mind "mutating" humans


2. real money involved

You can see security measures in code backing up SL: code splitting mechanism where only server run sensitive data instead of client etc.

I would translate article describtion for others to understand:

"Firefox does nothing to stop QT exploit!" and your cc details can be be stolen.

its all the same, SL at least blocks volunerable QT versions!

NEC lets Sadville residents call the real world

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I use secondlife i.e. 3d WEB

Lets wait for ~may 1st we get html on prim and it would change things a bit if handled properly by lindens. Build in SIP voice conferencing + html might change your view about SL and might make you to have one "3DWeb Page" on that "strange" world of GRID same as you did 15 y ago on 2d web.

To define properly right use of 3d is not easy task any non engineer manage to do it by design... it seems evolutionary way seems more appropriate... and thats whats SL is doing: it lets users define whats good and whats not... 99% will be rubish rest will define the future.

Sony Ericsson goes Windows Mobile with Xperia X1 'arc slider'

David Farinic


It does have GPS with speed of aGPS

3.2MP yes maybe small for some who think more pix linearly better value.

However note that this has 30FPS VGA camera! which is more important IMHO

GUI paging is flipping + it got optical joystick means u just move mobile and you move across your opened document thanx to camera in back detecting movement.

I welcome WindowsMobile on on SonyEricsoon... I had P800 and i tryied to program for it... very dificult then i had 3 windows mobile and programming was never easier

Vodafone USB Modem 7.2

David Farinic

regarding my HSDPA speed experience

>"HSDPA is a 'bursty' technology, delivering high peak speeds rather than sustained high download rates, as our numbers show."

I dont agree .. i used vodafone malta liberty platinum and when i plug my HTC TyTNII mobile to my vista machine without any installation iam on internet and i get CONSTANT speed of 109KBytes/sec=872Kb/sec for example when downloading quite often secondlife installer (34MB file)

PPL you dont need faster download connection anymore your ISP needs faster connection to rest of internet . However you might need faster upload speeds so

For example when HSDPU was implemented in ORANGE slovakia next hop packet delay dropped to 60-80ms from 150ms ! apart of improving upload speed to more balanced speed with download rates.

Regarding vodafone... i would really like register to find out who is standing behind vodafone decision to recompress JPG images for their wireless customers... as somebody mention above users has to pres shift +R to get original quality picture

or install some proprietary software from vodavone to correct it... they do it everywhere UK MALTA Australia. Sometimes i can not read text in JPG pictures due to this which has its consequencies in authentication websites using CAPTCHA... and so on

David Farinic

Counting of bandwidth usage

Dont really trust what you see/count on your PC regarding Bytes transfered/received. I heard that while moving between different BTS, amout of data counted might doubled in your provider's counter.

Also watch out for cross border BTS where you might pick up another country BTS and your data will be counted as roaming data .. ouch expensive ... those are real life experiences.

VODAFONE image optimization alters content of images because in transparent proxy cache saves altered/recompressed image.

User, in order to get original image, requires to bypass cache mode which migth mean more traffic at which contradict purpuse of web caching elements between originating web server and client.

Planning a drunken stag night? Avoid Slovakia

David Farinic


2 month is infair IMHO .. 2 days max

As i see some missing details... like US ambassy instead of National theater

here is link on original story covered by Slovak mainstream media... i think its fair to show 2 sides of coin ( in slovak sorry)


David Farinic

ADD "small" detail: Hi was MASTURBATING in fontain in front of National theatre!

What would you do if in fontain in front of your national theatre guy strip and then MASTURBATE in front of passing by ladies? You, UK guys have nice way to say solong to freedom but please understand world doesnt necesarry see things like you ;)

One in 10 web pages laced with malware - Google

David Farinic


Maybe its time for users/surfers to acknowledge download executable or other potentially dangerous file formats download

same way as Vista does when user starts application.

We are using Gfi WebMonitor4 which on gateway detects payload hidden in http and asks user for interaction if executable is detected.

Administrator on gateway can select which file types and sites are OK same way as firewalls are enabling ports.

Vista’s problem is that approving is not customizable so attacker can copycat it and trick user to click on such approval but I guess this would be tackled

when first such exploits will be found in future.

IMHO this without any AV will catch ~60% of all web based exploits ... wouldn't catch 0 day exploits, which contain malicious payload directly in exploit

Hey but my comment is biased so take it with care ;)

IBM mainframe ties the knot with video game chip

David Farinic

Easy guys

Usually when i see that somebody gets angry about some technology it means for me its something about it which he doesn’t get ;)

SecondLife is not a game, however gaming can be its sub-group. It is platform for creating and most importantly evolving 3d user interfaces/interaction its like interconnected OS.

In my opinion Its not important if SL evolves in something bigger its just enough that it started something new... i look forward to summer there will mozilla team will be adding html on prim(3d surface) in SecondLife when immediately business application will be able to use SL in its bigger potential.

Remember: you have your virtual life in your head, real life is different yet your virtual visualization of real life still helps you to survive.


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