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GitHub, Microsoft, OpenAI fail to wriggle out of Copilot copyright lawsuit

Bryan W

Deja Vu

This feels a tiny bit like that one time some company had a team of engineers analyse and record the technical features of a software product, hand those notes over to another team and then have that team create a copy of the product and claim that it wasn't a copy.

IT phone home: How to run up a $20K bill in two days and get away with it by blaming Cisco

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Mistake: Waiting for decisions

"Ever managed to create a ridiculously enormous bill with a seemingly trivial mistake?"

Hack together inefficient prototype on cloud. Show execs. Move on to other peojects while waiting for decision(s) that never come...

Dual Tesla lawsuits pull Elon Musk into right-to-repair war

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Re: About time

Most Americans don't own Teslas. Toyota is our true master.

Twitter engineer calls out Elon Musk for technical BS in unusual career move

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Re: Bit klunky, but...

I suspect your anectdote assumes that respect goes both ways. The problem here is that musky boy has no respect for his engineers. His answer to complications on deliverables is "work harder or GTFO of here". He doesn't trust them to work from home. Just ask all the former Twits looking for a new job right now.

Of course, I'm a biased observer. Twitter is cesspool and I half expect that ol musky is letting this dumpster fire rage on purpose. Either way I'm enjoying the show. Let it burn.

Microsoft warns of bugs after nation pushes back DST switchover

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Re: Hard Coding Ahoy

Hardcoded or "data file", it doesn't matter. It'll need to get updated either way. Just a matter of the format of the bytes involved, but thanks for playing.

Dead people could be designated authors of Atlassian Confluence docs and that can't be changed

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The only thing better than no hope is false hope.

IT departments often regret technology buying decisions

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Hypeware Salesman

Oh, you didn't actually need that super cloud hybrid container orchestrated scalable nosql machine learning microservice architecture for your relatively simple payroll, inventory and ordering system that has worked just fine as an on-prem monolithic stack for 20+ years? Didn't mean to mislead you, but I got to sell a bunch of new servers and licenses, so sucks to be you. Good luck refactoring and/or rewriting your entire software suite to actually get any use of it. You guys and your software are dinosaurs anyways and need to get with the times. Don't worry, once you retrain or replace your entire team, and hire some "data scientists" it's super easy to implement and maintain, I swear.

Engineer sues Amazon for not covering work-from-home internet, electricity bills

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A wee bit entitled, but...

If this guy wins his suit, I want my fuel and vehicle costs and paid time for sitting in traffic back too. Let's have these arseholes demanding a return to office run that invoice through their accounting departments and see if they're still singing that tune.

Trying and failing to update Visual Studio? You aren't alone

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Re: Constantly updating tools is a developer curse

Didn't even know there was an update. I update once every few months when I want an excuse to get paid to d#$& around and watch a progress bar while sh$# posting on Reddit. I waited until a month ago to even move to VS2022, and even then only because my company insisted. I still have VS2019 installed as a backup.

So whoever these ppl who got "screwed" by this update are, they aren't like me or anyone I know or work with, and in my whole hearted opinion they aren't actual programmers. They are probably JavaScript kiddies gluing together node.js packages who THINK they're developers and got mad because their text file colorizer "got broke by stoopid Microsuck".

Microsoft veteran demystifies Abort, Retry, Fail? DOS error

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Re: There should only be Retry and Fail, the other two aren't needed

Awww cute. A JavaScript kiddie who thinks he could have been a better systems architect in the 90s than the people who were actually there.

Silk could tie up all-but-unbreakable encryption, say South Korean boffins

Bryan W

Oh, THAT silk

Came to this article wondering what newfangled crypto fad acronym SILK stood for. Left learning they meant actual freaking silk.

Color me impressed.

Hidden Windows Terminal goodies to check out: Retro mode that emulates blurry CRT display – and more

Bryan W

Quit whining

You create tabs by selecting profiles. Each profile is highly configurable. Ie, if you use your brain you can make a profile that uses your favorite Linux flavor in WSL to run "SSH" just the way you want. Or maybe through Powershell. Who cares, it's just a command. I don't know why you're bitching. Seems like you don't know how to use the thing. It takes less effort to edit a json profile in Windows Terminal than it does to set up all the crap you are talking about.

Android slurps market share from Apple, RIM, Microsoft

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Jobs Horns

Deja Vu?

"Android will shame Steve Jobs and Apple in much the same way the Cupertino cult was shamed by Microsoft Windows two decades ago." Amen

If not android, any other system that isn't micromanaged and squeezed for every available cent by a money hungry corporation fabricating and selling image with their devices.. I do not understand how Apple has failed to learn the lessons from history with Macs vs PC.. They're doing the same thing they did in the 80s, except it Google instead of Microsoft who holds Apple's death card. Sure this proprietary approach of Apple's has gotten them more money in the short term, but they have already sealed their fate in the war. And only morons or people too young to remember didn't see this coming.

Steve Jobs beheads iPad apps for acting like desktops

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Jobs Horns

Round 16,724 ... FIGHT!

Apple: "Lies!"

PC: "Told ya so!"

Its ok guys. The more Apple alienates its 3rd party developers, the more they'll flock to Android. Can't really say what's going to convince end users tho...

Drinking coffee offers no real benefit, say eggheads

Bryan W


If anything, this is an example of pseudo-science. Its amazing how one can "prove" any point they wish with statistics and an active imagination.

What's sad is that anyone would even give this crap the light of day. How can one sit there and claim to have scientific proof that something that occurs every day for billions of people, simply isn't happening? Next they'll claim that Marijuana doesn't get you stoned, its just withdrawal from being "not-stoned".

Really, there should be stiff penalties for people who waste resources in these kinds of ridiculous endeavors. How about more time curing disease, feeding the hungry and solving our energy problems, and less time trying to invent new problems for people to worry about.

Ballmer says Windows will shame iPad

Bryan W

Uhhh, no?

The part where Ballmer says that PCs will still have a use once tablets become readily affordable and integrated in the market is a bit blind for such a celebrated mind IMO.

The way I see it, eventually we all will have a "universal" personal computing and communications device. (Lets not worry about how that comes about and who is made by it for now. It is just an inevitability, the direction of things.) If you wanted to use something at a desk, it'd more likely be like a docking station than a more expensive additional computing device that would require the same peripherals as a docking station anyways. Though, it'd probably be less docking and more like a bunch of paired Bluetooth devices working in concert with your tablet or "smart phone". We already have the tech, its just a matter of making it readily available to the masses.

Not surprising Ballmer got it wrong though. This is the typical MS shortsightedness that Apple and Google have been taking advantage of and has had MS playing catch-up for years.

Salacious smut soaks 12% of web

Bryan W

Its been said but....

Only 12%?

Looks like there's still plenty of room for MOAR Pr0ns!!!

Dirty, dirty Internets...

CEOP renews attack on Facebook

Bryan W


I guess now its the Internet's turn to be made "soft and fuzzy" by the hyper-sensitive, so it can raise our kids. Sorry TV, you're yesterday's nanny, but first we got to censor the Internet sufficientlly...

Wi-LAN throws down Bluetooth patent glove

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Paris Hilton

Sooooo 20th Century

What a waste of time and money. Yet another ridiculous (financial) weight on the shoulders of companies that actually produce something tangible, that I'm sure I will pay for later when I buy related components. Owning un-realized ideas is one of the concepts of the modern world that I will never be able to swallow..Make it first, it should be yours.

Its too easy to create fantasy patents or guess at the next technology in hopes that one can cash in on someone else who will do the actual work later. Rubbish.

Paris will agree, patents are sooo last year.

Apple yanks Wi-Fi detectors from iTunes

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Jobs Horns


Yet another reason why Apple shouldn't be (and hopefully will lose the priveledge of) leading the handheld revolution.

Just wish Motorola didn't fail so hard with the Droid. You'd think at least one open hardware manufacturer would be smart enough to make a device that at least has comprable hardware features to an iPhone. I mean, c'mon... No multi-touch? Just wow... Nothing less is going to dethrone Apple. This technology has too much potential to be hindered by their BS proprietary money-making strategies. For now, I guess all us mobile software developers just have to deal with it; But I'm never going to like it.

Prehistoric titanic-snake jungles laughed at global warming

Bryan W


For one, maybe ~2 of these comments are from people who know what they're talking about. The rest seem to be the mindless masses who have had the "industry = C02 = Over heated Earth" idea drilled into their heads. "It makes sense" they all say. Even a 2 year old can understand this simple relationship. Of course it makes sense. Its has to be simple to make sure all the sheeple get behind the idea, even though none of them really understand the science behind it all.

Suddenly everyone (like Al Gore, ha) is an expert on the latest global crisis. A crisis we must act upon and waste resources combating, just like those damned ruskies.

I'm no Earth sciences major, but I know my history so that's how I choose my side on all this. As far as I'm concerned, this is just the latest thing for all of us to fear until we realize its a non-issue, or something more menacing is discovered for our media to make us afraid of.

EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises

Bryan W

Chicken in Egg...

If 7 ships w/o IE, how does one download FF or Opera?

MS is evil. They have every right to complain. Who's going to choose the castrated version over the IE version? That's the point.

German lad hit by 30,000 mph meteorite

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Gates Horns

Only one thing to say.


Ballmer clashes with Obama over US tax rules

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Gates Horns

Finally, some sense

Thank you prez for one of the few policies I can agree with here. Screw you MS. None of the 1000s of unemployed American IT professionals will shed a tear for the money you'll be losing.

Royal Navy warship almost fires on UFOs

Bryan W

I hope for hostile alien contact...

... then we can focus on killing them instead of each other.

Shifty study proclaims Brits a nation of freetards

Bryan W


You miss the point entirely. "Pirates" don't give a crap about the lines that you so passionately walk. You call it "stealing", we type "lol". P2P isn't going anywhere. They buried Napster, and from the rubble emerged even more "insidious" technology.

They can go after Torrents all they want. More advanced technology is around the corner. Nothing fuels innovation like oppression. Even now, I pay 5/mo (a subscription basically), just to proxy my downloads to keep the Inter-snoops off my ISP's case. If there was a service where I could just get whatever I want, legally, for even 20/mo, I would probably end my evil ways and go legit.

But you can't beat the FACT that its more convenient to simply "pirate" what you want, when you want it, regardless of the money involved. Until the copyright holders realize this and capitalize on it, pirates are always going to be a significant issue. In other words, huge reform is needed to solve this problem, not a bigger brother.

Since the people enforcing these copyrights are the real "tards", the pirates will always be a step ahead.

Penguin because the best stuff is free anyways.

Too much sunshine makes you commit suicide

Bryan W

Useless statistical data

Suicide is a problem with the complex system of the human mind. Sunlight is just another variable among millions. Maybe it directly contributes or maybe its just a correlative relation.

In short, statistics are a pseudoscience. The results of this study prove nothing. They only point out a pattern.

Science promised me a flying car. Instead they waste time and money on this kind of stuff.

Electronics giants raise ruckus over Project Canvas

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Thumb Up

Open > Proprietary ... for the people

That's their gripe. They can't license and profit from a technology if its already freely available to be implemented by anyone, without copyright. Nor can they claim to have the "best implementation" because they "invented it" and thus, no insane markup.

I'm surprised the cable companies aren't jumping on this wagon as well. They lose more and more customers because they can get their content from the Internet. That's why companies like Time Warner are throttling users in the states, to keep them from streaming all their favorite shows. Why wait until a set time and wade through 15 minutes of commercials when you can get it on demand with fewer interruptions online. Of course, that currently requires the use of a computer machine, so the less tech-savvy will be thrilled with a device that does the same thing with their teles.

Top British boffin: Time to ditch the climate consensus

Bryan W

Here we go again...

Global warming is crock. It is not scientifically supported. The dust in the air has more effect on climate than CO2. Its only a "possibility" that no person would want to be wrong about. Especially a politician. So they go ahead and back it.

However, the efforts to curb our so-called influence are positive. Renewable energy, more efficiency, less crap in the air, etc. So while I don't believe in this politically driven pseudoscience, I do support the intended projects developed to "combat" it. If the mindless masses need to believe the world is going to end if they don't support this stuff we should have implemented years ago, then by all means.

We must save the world from ManBearPig.

NASA: Clean-air regs, not CO2, are melting the ice cap

Bryan W
IT Angle

The Short Story

Let me sum this whole article up: We don't know jack about the atmosphere and how we're effecting it.

Its one doomsday theory after the other. Everyone sees a few media sponsored stories about some "scientific" study about climate change and suddenly the common man is an expert on the subject. Now we need to waste millions on fighting it. Ooops, we fudged it. Time to go in another blind direction. Science pushed by politics and popular belief is no science at all.

IT? Computer models are useless when the fools creating them don't know what they're modeling.

Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet

Bryan W

Cause and effect

The biggest point, that alot of you liberal monkeys are missing is this:

Drug users, and the things that they are (being poor, unmotivated, robbers, w/e stereotype you get spoon fed from the idiot box) are not so much a result of them using drugs, but more the very cause of it. I'm not saying getting stoned makes things better, usually, it disables some particular component of your consciousness, causing erratic (and quite enjoyable) effects, often amplifying social problems in people with problems to begin with. But like alcohol, I do believe that when moderated and used responsibly, it can be just another recreational option, instead of some sinister evil in our society.

On top of that, this "war on drugs" has done little but waste tax money, and drive people into the circles of criminals. Because they are illegal, drugs tailor to those who are disenfranchised with society or the current authority they are under. Its one more way to give it the finger, and have a bit of out-of-your-mind "fun" in the process.

If you take away the evil label (and that's a pretty much impossible battle because all these morons are die-hard against that, 30-years of government programming will do that), and useless policy, you will effectively change the nature of the whole beast. On top of taxing it (getting money from it, instead of wasting money combating it all-out), a change in the public will occur. People, who drink recreationaly, are typically educated enough in the subject to keep it at that level. I believe the same can be achieved with drugs. Or at least some of them. Cannabis is one that really sticks out. Its less toxic than alcohol or tobacco, yet, for some weird reason, its a bad drug? Inconsistent, and quite honestly, just moronic.

Texas senator wants to ban Vista purchases

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Gates Horns

Poor Vista

Everyone hates you.

I waited a year to install Vista. It runs just fine, but my computer wasn't made in the '70s like so many "government" machines or whining sub-power-users. Of course, the only reason I installed it was for DirectX 10. (sneaky MS bastids). I like to use my video cards.

I like the way this politician refers to XP as a "program". Can we have more people in power that don't think computers still run on punch cards?

Everyone loves Bill!

US mums sue anti-sexting crusader

Bryan W

Don't see the angle...

Pretty stupid way to get re-elected. The media will eat this guy alive for this and the families of these girls will become "heroes" or some such nonsense for pressing the issue back on this a-hole. Most of us aren't _that_ prudish in the states.

German police boot down doors of Wikileaks offices

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Jobs Horns

Going after them? Get real.

That's the problem with censoring information on the internet. Its international. Its hard to actually arrest and force some of these guys to stop their "illegal" actions. Look at piratebay for a model. They practically give the finger to any outside authority that tries to enforce copyright upon them (let's not get into whether or not IT IS copyright infringement to track torrents, and just assume in this case that it can be), and its taken this long for anything to actually happen and even if they are shut down in Sweden, they have redundant network nodes all over. They're not going anywhere, anytime soon, and there's little any country can do about it. (Go PB!)

There are cooperative agreements between nations for these kinds of things, but participation is not, and probably never will be, 100 percent. Lets say some child pornographer in Country X is getting hits from Country Y, and officials in Country Y have a problem with this. The only way to "go after" the pornographer is if Country X will extradite him, and that usually involves a lot of effort for just a single person, assuming that they will actually extradite him in the first place. Most of the time, these guys are in countries that don't typically "play ball". On top of that, there may be 100s of these sickos in that one country.

Blacklists are a good way to quickly and efficiently stop the flow of this "bad" information. Its just sad that these governments are using them for other purposes. I think the best way to do it would be a more democratic approach. Instead of allowing some politician or administration to make choices on what's "right and wrong" on the internet, use the power technology to continuously and efficiently keep such a list updated by the people its designed to protect. Something that will swing effortlessly with ebb and flow of moral in a particular society. Otherwise, its just another tool for the oppressors to keep the people in the dark.

I'm glad most attempts at internet censorship are forcefully slapped down by a huge body of angry nerds in the states.

How the Feds shook hands with an internet pedophile

Bryan W

The price is wrong

So basically, this guys sells out his connections to avoid getting his junk chopped off in the slammer, which he rightfully deserved?

Go justice!

Google's AOL stake walks the plank

Bryan W

AOL gone? Not likely

AOL is about as entrenched as IE5. Its going to die slowly, taking as many of the ignorant masses as it can with it.

Story withdrawn

Bryan W

wtf noobs!

Half of those "terms" never originated on the net. They're merely words from pop-culture, over-used by pre-teens on social networking sites and chat channels in a lame attempt at appearing "net-savvy". So much so, that one cannot read a single string of posts without encountering one of the wretched things.

Of course, I can hardly blame the author for not having the interest required to research their origins. I certainly don't care that much.

Pwned FTW!