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Valve admits forum hack exposed gamers' privates

Stewart Wood

vBulletin® Version 3.8.7

I think due to lack of efforts to keep there vBulletin forum updated the site and DB was hacked though a hole in the vBulletin® Version 3.8.7 scripts

"I condenser that a failing by the way!"

Winning new UK pylon design may never be used

Stewart Wood

Bit of winds and that would be a few city's & towns without power

Me I would make them all hybrid powerlines with Functional Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Like these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6s3nbmmmPs&NR=1

They don't suffer with air turbulence in fact they thrive on it

its funny all the pylons we have now can be retro fitted with these Vertical Axis Wind Turbines in the centre of each one of them maybe 3x per tower and best of all there quiet too

Better yet Get rid of all lines and use pipes to carry Hydrogen and give every home a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The Cells Emit : Heat + Pure Water + Electricity

The heat is Clean and with No emissions can use the cells to heat the house along with hot water

What can you do with Hydrogen that you can’t do for long with Electricity on its own

For one we can make it a liquid to store more of it you can also Store it more than a year in tanks.

We have a lot of old mine shafts and under ground mines in the UK that would make fantastic liquid Hydrogen Storage areas

Think about it Are long summer days we can store Liquid Hydrogen for are winters

Waste water form the Cells could Give rise to Sewer Based power plants - using Archimedes Screw Turbines


That’s right Your kettle and toilet flushing + Rain creates more Electricity & Hydrogen!!

Hydrogen Will even solve water shortage problems here in the uk

Pure Water can be used for Showers / Baths / Toilets / Washing Machines So Your own Fuel Cell Give them all water LOL

Big new wind turbines too close together, says top boffin

Stewart Wood

They should use VAWT helical (twisted) type (vertical axis wind turbines)

The new generation VAWTS the helical (twisted) type

Thrive in crowded conditions they even been proven to work in city's just as good as they work rural arias

not only this but they Thrive on turbulent air so you can have them closer to the ground

Canon Pixma MG-5250 Wi-Fi all-in-one inkjet printer

Stewart Wood

There is a Driver feature -> Duplex Printing

Alot of the Pixma printers have the ability to Print Both sides of the page

Yes a little option in the drivers allows this printer to re-suck up the page it just printed flip it over and Print the other side too

But it seems these days most people go unaware what little Extras the drivers carry of there printers since some printers the drivers of other brands don't give much options

were cannon give a lot of driver options to play with

How to kill your computer

Stewart Wood

I have a few ways

- Old CRT Flyback Transformer

- Piezo Lighter (The Igniter part)

- Plasma ball + Tin foil

- Camera flash gun (Cap Wired the Evil way to low current devices will soon make them pop)

- Tesla coil

- LHC (Let see what a Hi Speed atom does)

- Power utility Sub Station (Temp fuse)

- Give it to a child that likes taking stuff apart

- Steel Mill Steam Hammer

- Volcano

Yahoo! unfurls revamped Yahoo! mail beta

Stewart Wood

Yet another Mailk beta yahoo?

They didn't even complete the last one

Solar plasma aurora storm ongoing debate

Stewart Wood

Met office says NOO!

Looks like the weather is against most of us

Mostly Cloudy + Rain in the later hours

So unless your flying at 3600ft your not going to see anything

http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/satpics/latest_uk_ir.html < Not looking too good for us in the UK

Regional banking Trojans sneak past security defences

Stewart Wood

I dont Like Rapport

Rapport seems to just make systems very unstable to the point of making them slow to an unusable crawl

I seen it happen on Mine, my friends, my parents PCs where its been installed and just made the systems unusable then I get the call "My PC running slow, and unusable at times"

After removal of the Vile software the systems fixed

its down in my book as Security bloat ware for what it is

it uses stupid amounts of RAM and CPU even if your browser is Not Running

'Huge airships to carry freight starting 10 years from now'

Stewart Wood

Hydrogen Airships

I think these days we have the technology's & Materials to make Safer Advanced Hydrogen Airships

Hydrogen Airships can use themselves as storage and power

Hydrogen Fuel Cells + Inverters means you can throw Heavy Batterers out due you store the power in Hydrogen tanks

Hydrogen can be both be used as a Electrical Power + Lifting medium for the ship

Solar Power tech has come a long way so soon we start seeing solar fabrics for extra power.

Water from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell can be used to top up the ballast or drinking water or in the day time be turned back into Hydrogen by the solar fabrics or just dump overboard

Sea + Lake Rivers you can Pump up and convert to Hydrogen

Day/Night time the Jet Streams can be used to conserve power for movement .

BT quotes pensioner £150,000 to get broadband

Stewart Wood


But BT has access to ex- Ionica old microwave link technology

little shocked that they don't consider it for UK rural arias for broadband links Since every other welsh hill out there has a BT Transmitter mast on it

BT can Also set up a Day time Solar & Wind Powered WI-FI Mesh Net Network to all of Wales

Small biz told to sort TV licences for PCs

Stewart Wood

If they phase out TV licences

If they phase out TV licences they will only replace it with something worse Much Much Much WORSE

"Computer licence" "Media licence"

I hear its going to be MUCH Worse due it covers all what the "TV licence" does now and then goes for your PC being connected to the internet (The Swine's)

So what would you like to pay for in future "TV licence" or "Computer licence" / "Media licence"

World's first waterproof, solar phone unveiled

Stewart Wood
Thumb Up

A Phone that's immune to toilets

This will make mobile insurance company's happy esp since a lot of mobiles end up falling off into the loo or being left outside in the rain at lest this phone will work afterwards

Terror in orbit: ISS piss recycler in fire alarm mishap

Stewart Wood

See there makeing Urea nitrate Explosives in space

Maybe they can use this as a New Bio Fuel to make Urea nitrate Rockets and make mini remote controlled rockets and attach them to toolsbags / Space junk / space suites to give them a little extra thrust to return them home to the ISS or to return them to the earth

I call it the Emergency Bio Rocket Return System ^o^ (E.B.R.R.S)