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Solarwinds sends customers each others' complete client lists

Steve Potter

Been there done that.

Its not an uncommon event it seems.

They sent me an invoice last year, and besides mine the emailed PDF contained EVERY invoice on their system... quite a large file with all their customers details... tut tut.

I duly let them know... and nothing, not even an acknowledgement.


Tesla spends $2.6bn on solar

Steve Potter

should just about be enough juice to run the radio...

Brits unveil 'revolutionary' hydrogen-powered car

Steve Potter

so 2010 tech

why are so many so called forward thinking people trying to develop hydrogen powered stuff, when it costs so much to produce, lets face it we use electricity to create hydrogen, so why not use that electricity instead?

There is a nationwide grid of electricty charging points, most are free, provided by ecotricity (Tesla also but theirs are restricted to Teslas currently), put your thoughts into battery tech / super capacitor tech.

By all means look at fuel cell technology when you can produce a fuel which is cheap and easy enough to use.

How TV ads silently ping commands to phones: Sneaky SilverPush code reverse-engineered

Steve Potter

HiFi - surely not

what TV's etc can emit audio at that frequency? got to be a good piece of kit to have that sort of audio amp.

Your chance to win the world's only handheld ZX Spectrum

Steve Potter

So Ben, your not sure why elsewhere its called a Zed X spectrum?... well over here WE invented the language, and we pronounce it ZED, does that give you a clue?

Heavy VPN users are probably pirates, says BBC

Steve Potter

Ah, but there you see what BBC Worldwide actually mean..... people using VPN's are not necessarily obfuscating their actual data but their IP!, they do not like all the ex-pats, holiday makers, emigrants watching iPlayer whilst abroad.

That's the only time I want to watch iPlayer etc, and the numpties in charge try to stop me.

Elderly Bletchley Park volunteer sacked for showing Colossus exhibit to visitors

Steve Potter

It does sound like Bletchley Park have got some jobsworth for managers now, and its been going on for over a year.

Extract from Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society website.

The Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society (MKARS), the resident radio club at Bletchley Park for nearly twenty years, will be leaving the Park as of the 1st January 2013. To mark this occasion MKARS will be holding a 'QSO party' on the weekend of the 15th-16th December.

All MKARS members and ex-members are invited to come and operate GB2BP from Generator House 2, our current premises at Bletchley Park, for the last time.

GB2BP and MKARS will in the future only be operational from Bletchley Park by invitation during 'radio related' events.

This is possibly your last chance to operate this charismatic call sign. Be a part of MKARS continuing proud history. If you do not normally attend MKARS events, this one is a 'MUST'. So put the Christmas shopping on the back burner and be there.

In the future you will be able to say 'I WAS THERE, my name is in the log'. Will has threatened to cook burgers and Dave is trying to obtain a 'Big Linear'.

Tea and coffee will be provided. Hopefully some beer as well.

The event will start early on Saturday morning, as soon as we can get on to The Park and finish when we have to leave, and the same again on Sunday.

We, MKARS, can walk out of Bletchley Park with our heads held high knowing that all those years ago, when Bletchley Park was on its knees, MKARS was one of the many local groups that helped make the Park into the great museum it is today. MKARS is a great club with a great future. Be a part of it!

We have not lost The Park, The Park have lost us.

Fatty French Kilogram needs a new-year diet, say Brit boffins

Steve Potter

how do they know?

Since the weight is a reference kilogram, then they cannot know whether it has put on weight or not as it is the reference, how can they test that their measuring equipment is accurate if not by checking with the 1 kilogram reference?

If the scales say 1.00000001KG then recalibrate the scales to 1.0Kg job done.

New iPhone and Android mobes secure enough for spooks

Steve Potter

Carrier IQ

What about Carrier IQ, the rootkit installed on most if not all smartphones... ?

ITV player streams onto Android

Steve Potter
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Still not finished.

How long have we had a fully working reliable BBC iplayer app? so this all new ITV player comes along, and doesn't work on the most popular tablet, doesnt respond to the back button to close forcing you to hit Home.


Dam Busters dog dubbed 'Digger'

Steve Potter


How dare Stephen Fry even contemplate changing the poor dogs name... bloody twat ...he doesnt deserve to be english

Privacy group demands answers from Skype

Steve Potter

why are they concerned

I thought Skype was used to connect you with family and loved ones across the world for free?

or am I wrong?

If it is for secure communications, wouldn't terrorists use it, to avoid wire tapping etc after all a few phones from 3 have skype onboard...so calls are both free and secure... blimey!

Better to have no encryption me thinks, I personally couldn't care if anyone listened in to my sunday morning chats to my daughter in Australia, they would soon get bored.

Dixons Advent Vega

Steve Potter

Bad for Joe, good for me

In some ways the Vega is an amateurish attempt at a tablet, the Archos is presented much more professionally, I've had both and the Vega wins as long as your prepared to get your hands dirty.

For Joe public, I imagine DSG have a large returns rate, it really isn't suitable as it stands. DSG could Install and market it as an ebook reader, with extras.

But it's £250 and a bargain for me, but not for most I suspect.

Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail

Steve Potter
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So who logged all these crimes

I wonder how many police staff were involved in data entry rather than their primary duty of protecting life and property... maybe they have added a new one to that list, 'or reporting violations to life and property'

I would sooner they arrived on scene than entered it in a database.

Fujitsu UK.gov workers cast votes on strike threat

Steve Potter

Put my name down

So fujitsu are sacking 1200 workers in the UK?..... I hope they get confused with strikers and volunteers...

BBC Trust moots new licence laws to cope with net

Steve Potter


So watching live streamed content requires a licence, is it really LIVE? media caches must add a certain amount of latency to the stream... I wonder what the official determination of LIVE content is.

So, easy option, as you select a LIVE stream, press pause, wait a few moments, then press play... and watch in time shift, not live and licence free....

we would never be allowed to get away with that though...

BNP list hunters bring down Wikileaks

Steve Potter


Where I live, there are 3 bnp councillors on the local council, and one on the borough council. Village life doesnt seem any different to lib/lab/con in previous years.

The problem is most of the local pubs have shut because of the smoking ban, or ....... is that a conspiracy to get us all angry.....

At least the new local sri-lankan shop owner has great offers on wine/beer...and so far his windows are intact