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Microsoft cries netbook victory against Linux

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Linux and windows return rates

I'm really getting annoyed by the FUD now.. Authors are continually saying how so many more Linux netbooks are being returned than Windows.. It's absolute rubbish!


A quote:

"I believe the Linux and Windows have similar return rates," he said, adding that the Linux option was particularly popular in Europe.

How many Netbooks are purchased with XP and then reformatted to Linux?

Aussie classification site hacked in censorship protest


We are against it

Please, people of the world, do not think for a minute that Australians are taking this lying down

Those who have found out about the plan are categorically against it, and those who haven't heard about it simply haven't been notified yet.

There is a working group www.getup.org.au that has a campaign against this censorship, which is located here http://www.getup.org.au/campaign/SaveTheNet

If you are Australian, please visit there to find out some more about how you can prevent this flawed system from being imposed on us.

Microsoft: Judge us by our deeds on open source

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All you need to read is the first line

Microsoft has made a "tremendous commitment" to systems and file interoperability, according to its head of North American sales and marketing.

<b>"Tremendous commitment"</b> - read: We included nothing for interoperability in the first place, so we had to spend a lot of time trying to make something work now, to make it appear that we care

<b>according to its head of North American sales and marketing.</b> read: Sales and Marketing department: The biggest bullshitters at the biggest bullshitting company on the planet.

I really should have stopped reading after that first sentence.

Microsoft will do anything right now to try to get back to their previous monopoly, that includes pretending to like the very software that they have been fighting their entire life to crush.

Microsoft disgust me in every possible way. The lack of ethics, the lack of honor, the lack of morals, the lack of innovation, the lack of ingenuity, the overuse of FUD, the overuse of marketing, the lies, the illegal use of their market position over and over again.

You, Microsoft, have been judged, there is no appeal. We the jury find you guilty.

Microsoft loudly disses secret 'Cloud Manifesto'


Re: SMB File system

Ah that was actually around well before Microsoft chucked it in their OS as their default file sharing protocol

It's yet another protocol that Microsoft stole from IBM

But all the others are very relevant :-)

Michael Dell licks chops over Bigger Indigo


Re: SPARC64 et al

Hey Ray, Yes you're right, Fujitsu are producing SPARC64, but it is all SPARC (sparcv9) compatible so it all falls under the same banner. I work for Fujitsu Services

@Duncan You missed the Intel IA64 (Or Itanium) architecture. Which is also proprietary, co-developed by HP and Intel

I'm glad someone pointed out the open nature of the SPARC CPU!



There is a huge market demand for UltraSPARC processors, even though they are underpowered and overpriced compared to the dime-a-dozen x64 processors. The reason is they are reliable.

Fujtisu continue to develop and fabricate UltraSPARC procesors, and if IBM purchase Sun, Fujitsu will still offer their own M series (M3000, M4000 ... M9000) servers based on Fujitsu's own technology


The question of the future of the SPARC processors is called in to question about once every three to five years, this is just the next iteration

I do work for Fujitsu, however my views here do not represent the company I work for.

All systems go!

Cisco pitches new world server order


Funny Figures

The comparisons in this article definitely aren't against other Blade enclosures

Lets look at the HP c-7000 enclusre, which takes 16 half-height blades (460c) which have two CPUs. To allow 320 servers, it would take 20 c-7000 chassis'

Each of the c-7000 chassis are 10 RU, so you can fit 3 per rack with some network equipment and patch panels, or 4 per rack with extra cooling. Lets take 3 per rack.

That's only 6.6 racks, let's call it 7.

Each of the c-7000 blade enclosures feature Network ports, where you can add Cisco 3020 ethernet switches, Brocade FC switches or passthrough modules.

It seems to me that Cisco have created a great product definitely worthy of further investigating, however their lies, damn lies and statistics are misleading at best.. It would be unwise to read these Cisco statistics and swallow it whole.

China bans YouTube again

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Free Tibet

Just saying that in public can have you arrested and tortured. Luckily they put a pause on that while the Olympics were there, now all that fuss is over they can go back to arresting and torturing people without anyone else knowing.

Microsoft's Azure cloud suffers first crash


Powered by Clouds

They need more propellers!

MS security chief becomes DHS cybersecurity boss


Wonderful security

Taking all bets... All DHS servers pwned in 1 month!

We should run a sweep.. £1 in! Winner takes all!

Microsoft's R&D chief: the people problem with innovation

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Microsoft's Innovation

Microsoft have innovated nothing. Full stop. All of their claimed "Innovations" were either stolen, purchased, or are a combination of other open standards. (Defrag -> Norton, IE -> Mosaic, AD -> Kerberos/LDAP, in that order)

NT was way behind all other operating systems. NT was the most unstable and insecure OS of all at the time. Back then I maintained a server room of 15 Linux (Slackware) servers running the 2.0.x kernel, and an MCSE with his NT 4 server and a hotline to Microsoft. The NT4 server crashed more often than ALL of the Linux servers combined. I should know, I was the one called out to hit the reset button!

The UI design of All Windows' is godawfully bad. There are plenty of good ways to implement a good menu system, and this has been shown time and time again in the plethora of Unix/Linux based WMs that were available at the time.

Linux may have had a limited feature set as it stems from the ideal "Do one thing and do it well" as opposed to the Microsoft manifesto of "Do everything half-assed and release patches often"

Microsoft's COM is a heap of crap, rebranded in to other heaps of crap that are then rebranded into other heaps of crap. COM -> COM+ -> ? -> ActiveX

But maybe I'm wrong.. They did come up with the concept of Vista, an OS so hefty that you need more RAM than most laptops can support just in order to display the desktop and do a little light web browsing. Hooray for innovation!

Microsoft courts enterprises with Windows 7

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They used their last joker

They used their last card with Vista.

Now, nobody believes their blatant lies and marketing fluff.

If Windows 7 is so good, prove it. Offer it for free for a 30 day trial, then i'll try it out and see if it's a pile of crap or if it's really the OS they say it is. Until then, I'll be happy with XP dual booting with Debian

Microsoft courts customers for search help

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We have no clue.. maybe you can help us?

This is laughable.. All the money in the world and not a clue amongst them

Steve, because he's a true genius!

Eircom to block Pirate Bay


Ahh let's see what happens after The Pirate Bay win their case

So when TPB win their court case and are found to be operating legally under Swedish (and EU law?) then can we file a class action suit against the fatcats at the record labels, for the following actions

1. Harassment of individuals

2. Defamation

3. Harassment of ISPs

4. Making threats

I can't wait!

Microsoft confirms Equipt kill date

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Reason 4925628172 never to purchase Microsoft products

Seriously, which students actually pay for Microsoft products though? I haven't met any.

Two thumbs down for Microsoft, yet again.

Woman sues over Vista to XP 'downgrade' charge

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Go for it

Microsoft have been trying to cut off supply of the superior XP ever since they released their latest mess: Vista

Why should anyone be forced to run a clunky slow bloated OS?

Microsoft have been withdrawing support for XP, and have been forcing vendors to offer only Vista laptops

So how ISN'T this a Microsoft problem?

Hit them where it hurts the most, they have only themselves to blame

Dear Obama: Please consider open-source a waste of your time

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Ted repeateldy posts the same article

This author is completely biased against Open Source and is a total Microsoft fanboy, he just hides it behind a very thin veneer of American hot dog stand merchant turned I.T. "expert".

His previous articles stated falsely that only the Linux based netbooks had been returned at a higher rate than the XP based ones. This is incorrect, as the CEO of Acer himself stated that the return rate for both are around the same.

Ted's article


Acer's article


This author is probably the worst journalist I have seen, and seems to only ever write articles that trash Open Source and put Microsoft up on a pedestal

I am currently installing several RH Linux based servers to join an existing RH Linux cluster in ... A government department!

When rolling out large installations, there are usually consultants / contractors involved in both Open Source and Proprietary. For example, Most of CA's software require planning and a consultant to assist. When an enterprise make big decisions in regards to software, they will most likely bring in a consultant to assist. So why is it any different to bring in a consultant to assist with Open Source roll outs?

How about giving it a rest Ted, we're on to you, the game is up.

Balmer because he's obviously lining your pockets

Silverlight for Linux hits with Microsoft punch

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Just wait for history to repeat itself

Everyone, quick, install this "free" software and make it the new standard while Microsoft crush their competitor and then wait for the punchline..

Version 3 will now come in two flavours: Basic and Ultimate!

Basic being free and useless and Ultimate being chargable!

Hooray for history lessons

Same old, same old

Linux weaktops poised for death by smartphone

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Linux and XP netbooks returned at the same rate

Dear Authors.. PLEASE check your facts!

The quote here

<i>Users were returning Linux weaktops at a much higher rate than Windows ones. Oops.</i> is entirely incorrect

Acer have stated, and it has been discussed openly, that the return rate of Linux and XP notebooks IS THE SAME!!!

This was published on The Reg just one month ago


A quote:

"I believe the Linux and Windows have similar return rates," he said, adding that the Linux option was particularly popular in Europe.

Thumbs down to the author! Swallowing it whole, and regurgitating incorrect facts!