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Spacewalking astronaut drops toolbag

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She screwed up, plain and simple

She screwed up, plain and simple and acknowledged it - not a big deal. Mistakes happen and this is not gender specific. But she deserves the same criticism if any, that a man would for a similar screw-up. The video clearly shows she forgot about a lack of tethering and whipped out the bag in reflex. Also, everything cannot be tethered, the bag was in a larger envelop that was tethered.

India plants flag on Moon

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Congratulations India!

Tremendous achievement! Way more successful than any nation that preceeded them in this type of effort - if anyone has a clue on how disastrous the first space experiments of every single space faring nation were - the sheer cost of the missions, the failures etc. By any measure India's moon mission tops them all. The clueless can readup on the mission, especially what function an impactor is supposed to perform. No Skylab with US Flag dropping on your heads folks.

As for the whiners over here, check out the social evils, the poverty, the debt situation, the relatively uneducated masses, the lack of universal healthcare, in your own countries first, before passing judgement on India. China and India are the future, not just for manufacturing and serivces, but for the most advanced technologies. Everything will be oursourced to these countries in the future. e.g. Taiwan used to be ridiculed for cheap bicycles - the best bkes are Taiwanese and Chinese today (ask Colnago and Cervelo).

P.S. India will show old British car manufacturers how to build quality cars, yes, for a profit. May also buy up the Detroit 3 Autos for pennies if US taxpayers don't cough up $25B in socialist capitalization in the next few weeks. (General Motors headquatered in Jamshedpur sounds OK to me) :)