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This won’t hurt a bit, says Veeam, as it flags end of socket-based licensing

Piro Silver badge

They better watch out

Everyone wants Veeam, yes, but with this change and the other general price hikes, they need to watch out, because I know for a fact that plenty of customers are starting to look elsewhere for their backup solution.

One-size-fits-all chargers? What a great idea! Of course Apple would hate it

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Re: Apple don't like it?

Treo had a resistive touchscreen, it's pre-modern smartphone, in that sense

Piro Silver badge

Re: Apple don't like it?

I specifically refer to as smartphones with capacitive touchscreens.

The many weird and wonderful early smartphones with resistive touchscreens were excluded from scope. They were never popular with the masses anyway..

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Re: If the Apple charger lasts longer and is better, it's still less e-waste

Banning captive cables on USB chargers would be sensible, but I honestly don't think I own such a thing, they all have USB-A or USB-C ports on.

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Re: Virtue signalling

What on earth are you babbling about? Yes, there are great examples of government overreach, and generally many reasons to be worried about the future, but for crying out loud, reducing waste by enforcing a single sensible port standard is not one of them.

Piro Silver badge

Re: Apple don't like it?

Far better than the rest of the industry?

How many SMARTphone charging cables have there really been?

3, mini USB, micro USB, USB C..

Not exactly crazy. Some earlier "smartphones" that didn't have capacitive touchscreens had legacy connectors from their respective brands (I had an SE P900 and P990), but that phase is long gone.

Apple should just switch to USB C and be done with it. If it was good enough for the iPad...

Fix network printing or keep Windows secure? Admins would rather disable PrintNightmare patch

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Re: Explains lack of school printing!

I don't know what the IT infrastructure's age has to do with this.

Actually, if the clients and servers were not updated at all, they would never have run in to this problem. They've been patching, which is surely a good thing.

Macmillan best-biscuit list unexpectedly promotes breakfast cereal to treat status

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Re: Definitive definition of the difference between biscuits and cookies

I personally consider a cookie the large, fudgy kind, better if they're warm.

There are also several biscuits rammed with chocolate chips that are called cookies, so it's just easier to call them cookies, even though they could also be considered biscuits.

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Re: Jaffa cakes ARE biscuits!

You've stumbled on the reason why they're cakes: they go hard when you leave them out.

Biscuits go soft when you leave them out.

Piro Silver badge

Re: I am offended

They are right on the edge of biscuitness, I'll give you that.

But you have to admit, there's a fair bit of biscuit in a Penguin or Club. That said, the focus is, I agree, the chocolate. I just had to throw them in so they weren't entirely forgotten (the caramel wafer is clearly not a biscuit).

Piro Silver badge

Re: They're not totally bonkers.

I just meant that those two are most similar to the Oreo in design. Many other excellent biscuits and snacks are available.

Piro Silver badge

Re: They're not totally bonkers.

I don't see why we had to import such things, when we already have custard creams and bourbons.

Piro Silver badge

Re: I am offended

Ginger nuts are indeed fantastic, and their low-tier presence is disturbing.

It's been a while since I had a fig roll, and they are indeed also excellent, and other classics have also been named, such as shortbread.

Bourbons are good, but digestives as winners? Where are the Hob-nobs? What about a Club, Penguin, and so on. If we stretch the definition a bit too much, we could even come to Tunnock's caramel wafers..

I'm now developing quite the hunger...

Sometimes we all feel a bit like Shutting Down. So just imagine how tired Windows 7 is

Piro Silver badge

If it's that narrative you're going for, then 7 makes no sense, Vista is the one to name, as it's the common ancestor of the newer versions.

Piro Silver badge

Windows 7 is still updated

Until January 2023 thank you very much. Just not for the plebs (without a workaround).

Very fondly missed. Microsoft has largely been messing up the interface ever since.

It's the last time they emphasised that they'd actually listened to feedback. Anyone remember all the great ads? They were trying to distance themselves from Vista's less than stellar response.

The magic TUPE roundabout: Council, Wipro, Northgate all deny employing Unix admins in outsourcing muddle

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Re: Street Sign

When I took my test, it did involve going over the Magic Roundabout, and I passed (although I had a few minors due to driving too quickly).

Though a week or so before, I heard a story about someone taking their test who must have hesitated at the wrong moment, and got rear-ended by a bus.

Piro Silver badge

Re: Street Sign

Built in the 70s if I recall

Lenovo pops up tips on its tablets. And by tips, Lenovo means: Unacceptable ads

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Re: This happened to me

I'd like to add a little to this: yes, there are suspicious data slurping options that you need to vigilantly disable; for example, the "Lenovo user experience program".

Still a nice piece of kit.

Piro Silver badge

This happened to me

I've got AdGuard Home running on my network now, which should hopefully kill ads.

But fact is, for my purposes, after much research, the Lenovo Tab P11 was the only tablet on the market that met my needs.

I wanted a relatively inexpensive tablet that had:

A charging dock

A real pressure sensitive stylus

I was replacing an HP TouchPad with the wireless charger. I'd never buy a tablet without a charging dock of some kind, it fits the way we use it.

I also appreciate that the Lenovo tablet has a battery preservation mode, which means it's always between 40% and 60% charge, not just ramming 100% forever as it's almost always on charge.

It's fast, lighter than my old tablet, I like the magnetic attachment of the cover (although I wish it would dock with the cover on, like the HP TouchPad did) and I paid very little for it new on Lenovo's site (found a discount code that actually worked!). I can honestly recommend it..

DRAM-as-cache is too expensive for even Facebook – Zuck now blending it with NVM SSD drives

Piro Silver badge


So, DRAM-as-cache is expensive as Zuck, eh?

Windows 10 to hang on for five more years with 21H2 update

Piro Silver badge

You can do a clean install. You can also download the media from Microsoft and upgrade in place, as far as I understand it.

The way I see it, they're only blocking upgrades offered automatically. They don't need to go to the knacker's yard just yet

Piro Silver badge

"LTSC users have a tricky decision to make. Stick with the existing Windows 10 2019 LTSC, which lasts until 2029 because it was released before Microsoft decided that LTSC wasn't forever, and certainly not the 10 years of old (unless one was using the IoT version.) Or upgrade, knowing that support for this Windows 10 LTSC will end in 2026."

The third option. Install Windows Server 2022 and enjoy the Final Edition of Windows 10, with patches until 2032...

Samsung: We will remotely brick smart TVs looted from our warehouse

Piro Silver badge

Re: Why bother with smart TV's?

I was as naïve as you, once, and then I saw the light: Smart TVs are bringing the price of TVs way down, due to the data they can collect and sell on you.

It's crazy how cheap an enormous, fragile and complex object is - and it came from around the world to get to you. Smart TV functions have a hand in that.

Simply never cable the thing up to the network or enable the wifi, and now have a not-so-smart TV, for less than a monitor of that size would cost you. It's definitely NOT the hill to die on.

You might even find yourself thinking a couple of the functions are OK - for example mirroring from a smartphone (quite nice to show a photo quickly up on the telly), and want to re-enable the networking on the device. If you do that, then, like me, you can just block every last bit of traffic at your firewall, so it can only chat internally.

Et voilà, a device that's working for you, and isn't even able to spy on you.

Good news: Japanese boffins 3D print what looks like marbled Wagyu beef. Bad news: It's tiny and inedible

Piro Silver badge

Re: "there's the edibility problem to overcome"

Yup. Fries can be good now and then if you crave nothing but crunch and grease, but chips are simply superior.

Of course it gets even better; we can get to what potatoes were put on this earth for (certain varieties, at least): roast potatoes.

Microsoft does and doesn't want you to know it won't stop you manually installing Windows 11 on older PCs

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Re: Works for me

I see what you're trying to say, but that's not the real world. I know some people would be happy to even to run Core 2, but I think they're a bit on the old side, I personally would say Sandy Bridge (2nd gen, as Intel calls it) quads and newer are perfectly acceptable for day to day use

Start or Please Stop? Power users mourn features lost in Windows 11 'simplification'

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Re: Basically all UI changes could be rolled back..

The win+arrow window snapping was brought in with 7, so that's one more off the list. Win+shift+arrow even moves between screens.

Taskbar on all screens can be a useful one, I'll grant you that, although there were 3rd party applications to achieve that.

Piro Silver badge

Basically all UI changes could be rolled back..

... to Windows 7, and it would be better.

It really says something when Microsoft haven't done anything good with the UI in over a decade.

Smoking smartphone sparks emergency evacuation of Alaska Airlines jet, two taken to hospital

Piro Silver badge

Would you like the cheap macrobrew golden shower, or the craft microbrewery golden shower?

Oh the humanity: McDonald's out of milkshakes across Great Britain

Piro Silver badge

Re: Copy and paste of the article.

"If we just use them to bicker about Brexit, we’ll drown out the real lessons in the noise."

Yup, exactly. It's a problem that's been coming for some time. Farming and logistics are two utterly critical sectors that have been squeezed and squeezed.

Another huge issue is the fact young people's heads are filled with all kinds of fantasises, they've been sold lies, that they can be anything they want - who would then choose to work long hours for low pay, and probably endure health problems because of it?

Watchdog 'disappointed' it took NHS England over a year to release details of access to Palantir COVID-19 data store

Piro Silver badge

Maybe it stands for what they give the offending party when they breach the rules;

'Nother Disapproving Glare

Piro Silver badge

Re: Watchdog 'disappointed'

At least the data is somewhat hard to come by, they'd have to find the stick on the tube, or in a car park somewhere, as opposed to having it all directly uploaded to them.

Microsoft slips out Windows Server 2022 with extended support for 10 years

Piro Silver badge

Re: Is TPM 2.0 Required?

Why would it be? This isn't Windows 11.

This is the final form of Windows 10, the version with the longest possible support.

If you haven't updated your ThroughTek DVR since 2018 do so now, warns Mandiant as critical vuln surfaces

Piro Silver badge

Doesn't match the thumbnail

Which is an Reolink Argus 2, with the solar panel.

That camera doesn't even support recording to a DVR, iirc.

Microsoft fiddles with Fluent while the long dark Nightmare of the Print Spooler continues for Windows

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Re: That's it then...

It has been a hot mess since 8, yup.

It's not like 7 was perfect in every way, but it at least had a relatively consistent design and did not strive to get in your way.

Microsoft abandons semi-annual releases for Windows Server

Piro Silver badge
IT Angle

You've taken a wrong turn.

This is a website for IT professionals, or at least people who play at being IT professionals

Piro Silver badge

Re: Quick question from someone not paying attention

Correct. It's the "final edition" of Windows 10, with the longest support.

Piro Silver badge

OK, upgrade path?

It's basically fine, but I am running a few SAC servers in production for very specific reasons (performance issues in LTSC 2019); we need an in-place upgrade path from SAC to LTSC.

We can't believe people use browsers to manage their passwords, says maker of password management tools

Piro Silver badge

Re: Mixed model

Same here, but KeepAss instead of Password Safe

The UK is running on empty when it comes to electric vehicle charging points

Piro Silver badge

Re: Some things that would help the situation

The first is indeed basically done.

The second is such a no-brainer, that's it's utterly absurd that we've landed in a situation where there are "smartphone apps" and other crap for each charger type. It should basically be outlawed. Debit card scan, nothing more.

However, it brings me on to a point that's worrying - the cost of electricity at the chargers. We need to be very careful that we don't overcharge for electricity.

Remember when Microsoft devs got so excited about Windows 8 features, Twitter thought it was under attack?

Piro Silver badge

What, no love for mmc?

Meet me at Windows 2000 and I'll agree.

Dell won't ship energy-hungry PCs to California and five other US states due to power regulations

Piro Silver badge

Re: As a Californian, all I can sat is "Who cares?".

Way to miss the point

Piro Silver badge

They give an annual power consumption limit. If you cared to check the legislation or even just look at Dell's website, you'll see that. It is NOT about idle power.

Piro Silver badge

Re: Responsibility

Read the legislation, or hell, visit Dell's USA website, which clearly states than many models can simply *not be shipped to certain states* due to their total power consumption being too high.

The cockroach of Windows, XP, lives on in London's Victoria Coach Station

Piro Silver badge

Re: Ironic

P4 in a laptop was just a terrible idea. It's good Intel came to their senses and developed the good ol' Pentium M instead, which is basically the parent of all the modern Intel Core processors...

Piro Silver badge

It's not ugly, it's nostalgic.

Is it broken yet? Is it? Is it? Ooh that means I can buy a sparkly, new but otherwise hard-to-justify replacement!

Piro Silver badge

Re: Immortal

I have an HP touchpad that is still in use (lives on the wireless charging stand). I've had Android running on it for years, but it's just painfully slow. It still works, but I've just ordered a new tablet to replace it.

Ably blog claims company doesn't need Kubernetes to scale, surge in traffic takes down entire website

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Re: Who says What

"pour piss out of a boot". Nice. Not heard that one before. The colourful language one finds on El Reg.

Linux Mint 20.2 is a bit more insistent about updating but not as annoying as Windows or Mac, team promises

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Re: Linux Bloatware

You're getting a lot of downvotes, but I think people really have forgotten how quick XP is. The launch version was of course utterly blazing, windows 2000 like, then after SP2 it got bogged down a bit on machines close to the system requirements, SP3 only made that worse - but on any vaguely capable hardware, even with SP3, it's very, very, very lightweight, and just isn't doing a bunch of background crap at idle.

I can see why you'd want to run it if you have a use case and are fully aware of its security shortcomings.

The old New: Windows veteran explains that menu item

Piro Silver badge


I need those items in my right click menu. There's a reason I installed bits of software that add items there.


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