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Curiosity needs OS upgrade before getting down to science


Check the specs..

> A BAE RAD 750 single-board computer with a 750Mhz Power PC CPU

Not to nitpick, but the CPU is called the RAD750 because it's based on the PowerPC 750 processor, not because of its clock speed. It operates at a mere 200MHz per BAE's own component specifications.

Even better, BAE's press reports claim that's a full 10-fold increase over its previous generation CPU, the RAD6000, which powers Spirit and Opportunity, Mars Odyssey, and a whole host of other Mars craft and other spacecraft.

Laptop bags: 15-inchers


Only on one side of the pond

I've been looking for an updated backpack for travel. Rather disappointed to find the Samsonite backpack isn't sold in the States. In fact the whole Wander line isn't sold here, and no, it's not that it's simply under a different name. That design isn't sold here at all.

Digital regional restrictions are pointless enough but, seriously, REGIONAL LAPTOP BAGS!?

Privacy watchdogs challenge laptop seizures at US borders

Big Brother

Current admin's practice?

While I'm sure they're suing the current administration by default, I'm not sure I'd word it as "the Obama administration's practice" of seizing such things. It makes it sound like this is something new that the current admin created and implemented all on their own.

They're not the first, and are just continuing a trend that's been in place for quite some years now. Though I certainly would like to see it shot down regardless as I find it despicable. I just find the current wording of the article's opening statements a bit misleading.

US judge rules quadriplegic can bear arms


What "right"?

I guess I'll just be the only comment not rabidly anti-gun here, but I notice that both articles, and the previous comments, all talk about the man's "right" to bear arms.

Both articles say the man has to get a permit before he can buy a gun. The linked NJ News article itself actually goes so far as to explicitly state that the permit is "a requirement for the purchase of any gun in New Jersey".

If you have to ask permission to do something, it is not a right. If it is standard legal procedure to deny you something by default (until you get a permit to give you permission), it is not a right. I'm surprised this New Jersey statute hasn't been taken to court on Second Amendment grounds.

It's not just this one man's right to bear arms that's been infringed here, if that article is truly correct in saying a permit is needed for ANY firearm in NJ. I'm actually surprised the NRA isn't all over that law.

Google finds voice to respond to FCC

Thumb Down

The calls aren't equal to begin with!

How can Google be expected to treat all destinations equally, when in this case they fundamentally are not equal? The connecting carriers are not treating them equal either: they are charging vastly more for connecting to these numbers than to others. Your phone company, likewise, isn't treating them equally either, even if they are obliged to connect to them: you pay more on your phone bill for calling these numbers in the first place.

Personally I see that as the solution here. It costs more for Google to connect those calls, and they should simply pass that cost on to customers who actually, knowingly, want to call those numbers. That would put their behavior right in line with the rest of the telecom companies.

I also agree with Google's statement. The FCC should repair the broken compensation system, because as it stands right now, it's not even possible to treat all calls equal. Not with connection costs being so vastly different.

Google sued for 'stealing' Android name



"Android Data" and not a single Star Trek quip in the whole article? For shame!

MacBook buyers bite Apple over copy protection cock-up


Clarification Needed

This article is a bit poorly worded. It seems to suggest that using DVI at all entirely prevents you from playing protected content, which simply isn't true. All Macs sporting DVI ports in the past have supported HDCP over DVI for several generations now (though this is the first time the HDCP requirement has been enforced, of course). This still holds true for the DisplayPort Macs too. If you have an HDCP-compliant DVI monitor, it WILL work with HDCP via the DP-to-DVI adapter.

Your monitor has to be pretty damn old indeed if it does DVI but doesn't support HDCP. VGA people are of course still entirely out of luck though.


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