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Oracle tripped up by 'leap second'

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Earths rotation slows due to the moon.

Earths rotation is slowing, but the slowing isn't consistent. Which is why they cannot predict when a leap second will happen several years in advance. The slowing of Earth rotation has to do with the moon, and the tidal forces it creates. Give Earth enough time, and her rotation has been synched to the rotation of the moon.

BTW, does Oracles fix means that the next time there's a leap second at the end of 2008, servers won't reboot first thing in 2009?

NASA space tests 'interplanetary internet' protocol

Johnny Five

Slow light?

A few years ago, Mars approached Earth less than 56 million kilometers; just over three minutes for a photon. The maximum distance of Mars to the Sun is less than 250 million kilometers, while Earth never goes further from the Sun than 152 million kilometers. This makes Mars and Earth at most 402 million kilometers apart. Or about 22.5 minutes by photon.

So, if the lightspeed delay is up to 3.5 hours, where does NASA have its hub? Neptune?


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