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UKIP doubled price of condoms for sale at party conference


"...packs of johnnies emblazoned with the face of ex-glorious leader Nigel Farage."

Did we really need further confirmation that Farage is a bell end?

Adblock Plus blocked from attending ad industry talkfest


It appears the phrase "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer' has been lost on them.

ISS 'nauts quit orbiter and aim for Kazakhstan splashdown


Re: Splashdown!

It hasn't changed - Russia has always landed on, er, land.

I guess you could say the Merkins changed from water to land when they calculated the Space Shuttle didn't work well as a boat, mind you, if Chesley Sullenberger had been piloting it he may have given it a go.

Attack of the possibly-Nazi clone parakeet invaders


Re: I saw plenty of those

Is it *literally* theft?



Re: Contact

Wasn't that in a song by some Aussie bloke? Rolf something I think.

"Now the ladies of the harem of the court of King Galactacus, were just passing by..."

Whatever happened to him I wonder?

Bloke in Belgium tries to trademark Je Suis Charlie slogan


Re: I'm 50/50 here

I am in favour of going out of our way to point fun at adults who still believe in medieval fairy stories. If that causes such people offence, that is fine.

Nobody has the right to not be offended, but sky-fairy worshippers particularly so.

Apple v BBC: Fruity firm hits back over Panorama drama


93% compliance? Really doesn't sound very impressive.

India's heavy launch rocket passes flight test


Re: At last a British funded rocket takes off

This should help you understand why it is money VERY well spent on space whilst we still have poverty:


It's BLOCK FRIDAY: Britain in GREED-crazed bargain bonanza mob frenzy riot MELTDOWN


Re: I'll embrace Black Friday...

No interest in Black Friday, Trick or Treat, or Mother's Day (rather than Mothering Sunday), but embrace dress down Friday 100% - one shirt fewer to iron each week is fine with me.

One hard ghoulie: 1985's Ghosts 'n Goblins


Spent many, many happy hours playing, and finally completing, this on he C64. One of my all time favourites on the platform.

Windows 10: One for the suits, right Microsoft? Or so one THOUGHT


"but do users actually want live tiles on their Windows desktop?".

I'm sure some do, perhaps even the majority, but this user does not. Icons seem to be an effective alternative.

Driving with an Apple Watch could land you with a £100 FINE


The number of drivers who still consider using a non hands-free mobile phone at the wheel quite acceptable suggests a) The police don't give a f**k, and b) The drivers don't give a f**k.

'i' won't be purchasing a justWatch, but doubt the largely uninforced threat of the law will have any great impact on the vehicular activities of justWatch wearers.

SCREW YOU, Russia! NASA lobs $6.8bn at Boeing AND SpaceX to run space station taxis


Re: ... the greatest nation on earth ....

The television was not invented by a Scot. Colour television, yes, but not television per se.

Kate Bush: Don't make me HAVE CONTACT with your iPHONE


I had the not entirely unpleasing experience of going to Hammersmith a couple of days ago to watch Kate Bush. It was rather good to not be viewing a thousand screens between me and the stage. I've not been to anything quite like this before (missus is the fan) but it was a thoroughly enjoyable event by a clearly very talented vocalist and talented musicians. Trying to prevent phone use at all gigs is probably unneccesary, but for this it proved worthwhile.

Boffins attempt to prove the universe is just a hologram


Not a lot wrong with making use of Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics. It makes more sense than using lyrics from The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke, Silver Salmon or even Dragon Attack.

And now for someone completely brilliant: Stephen Hawking to join Monty Python on stage



Great - and thank you - I had no idea! I have just purchased 2 tickets.

Samsung, Chipzilla in 4K monitor price cut pact



For photography work, current screen resolutions are pretty underwhelming. 20 - 24" 4K monitor should prove a big step forward.

Lego is the TOOL OF SATAN, thunders Polish priest


This reminds us how much credence we should give the the thoughts of religious leaders.

HTC One M8: Reg man takes spin in Alfa Romeo of smartphone world


IR is a great feature, I use it on my (previous model) One a lot. As for the camera, the One may have many fewer pixels than other phones, but still makes great photos. People subscribing to the 'more pixels is everything' idea are being short-sighted.

The new One sounds like a relatively mild evolution of the previous model, so won't be rushing to upgrade, but given how superb the existing model has been, this will get strong consideration.

Artists install Monty Python silly walk signs in Norwegian town


Re: These bureaucrats have clearly all had their mandatory humourectomy

Luton South?

Scam emails tell people they have cancer to trick them into installing a money-stealing Trojan


Anybody in the UK with even a vague sense of what is going on around them would be aware that NICE are not a body that gives test results, and has *something* to do with whether a given treatment should be made available on the NHS.

Then again, I spoke to a customer today, old enough to be married and have a child, who was not even aware of the name Tony Benn, let alone who he was, or that he'd died.

The people running this scam are evidently scum, but it should not be a surprise that people oblivious to the world around them are more vulnerable.

Jean Michel Jarre: Je voudrais un MUSIC TAX sur VOTRE MOBE


So, he's asking smartphone manufacturers to make a payment to musicians for music that is not on their devices, but might, potentially, by some users, be added later on.

What could possibly be flawed with that?

Sega’s Out Run: Even better than the wheel thing


Absolutely loved Out Run, even owning an official Out Run t-shirt at some stage. I remember the first time I completed it, in an arcade in Oxford St, during a lunch break in my induction week at Midland Bank in on Tuesday 13th September 1988.

The music was great too - if Japanese jazz fusion is your kind of thing!

The home computer versions were, inevitably, poor by comparison, but I believe the Sega Saturn version is a very good version of the real thing. If I had the room and money for a top-spec cabinet version, and could get hold of one, it would be installed at the drop of a hat.

Are you for reel? How the Compact Cassette struck a chord for millions


Re: Fascinating article

I recently retrieved my C64 from my parents' garage where it had sat for many years, along with many cassette tapes (and some discs for my "Enhancer 2000" disc drive from Evesham Micros. Why they felt the need to name it like a sexual aide I was never sure...)

I connected the Commodore up to my 42" TV (a little different to the 13-incher it was previously connected to), stuck in my Daley Thompson's Decathlon cassette, and am happy to report it loaded first time.

In this 'test' the cassette certainly showed good reliability over nearly 3 decades.

Bill Gates offends Koreans after sticking hand down trousers


Then the south Koreans need to understand (and the majority may well do) that when a non South Korean does it, it is NOT considered rude.

Bill does far more good than harm with his position and wealth. I guess tall poppy syndrome is why some want to criticise him for a faux pas any westerner there could have made.

Google's Schmidt: I squeezed Norks to lift web blockade


Re: "He told reporters at Beijing airport in China"

I believe you're thinking of New-Beijing in Broxbourne. http://www.new-beijing.co.uk/

Still in Hertfordshire, so pretty close, although the runway is rather on the small side.

Yes, hundreds upon hundreds of websites CAN all be wrong


Re: Comprehension

Frankie's version of Born to Run is a fine version (not that I'm knocking Bruce's. Thanks for the reminder.

Pentagon hacker McKinnon will NOT be prosecuted in the UK

Thumb Up


Good news.

'Build us a Death Star, President Obama' demand thousands


Will it also include the kind of weak spot included in the original that, if you happen to hit with a laser, means the whole thing explodes? It did seem something of an odd feature.

If they do choose to include it, any idea if there's an American company which specialises in including huge vulnerabilities in its products that might be called upon?



'...rather than traditional methods such as dictation.'

"Do you use a dictaphone".

"No, I use my finger like everybody else"

Moon riven by colossal cracks


Our merkin friends stress both words in a similar manner of course, so you read it pretty much as they would have pronounced it.

Watchdog halts Toyota Grand Theft Auto-esque advert



Insane decision.

How can this be banned while Halifax adverts are not?

Astroboffins spot smiley face on Mercury



That's (Freddie) Mercury's face on Mercury - and it's not a smile, it's a moustache, conveniently in time for 'Movember'.

EXTREMELY RARE never-seen-alive WHALES found (briefly) alive


Re: Hang on....

Because they just got DNA confirmation.

2 years does seem absurd though.

Slideshow: A History of Horror in 20 Scary Games


Despite the link omission, the term 'pant-cacking' was worthy of a smile. Might try and slot it casually in to conversation this afternoon.

Edge-of-space skydiver grounded by ANOTHER bout of bad wind


Re: Not edge of space.

The edge of the edge, perhaps?

Pastafarians: Get your noodly appendages off that Facebook suspect


I, for one, am touched by His noodly appendage.

Happy birthday, Compact Disc


Re: time flies ...

Peanut butter wasn't it?

Not sure whether it was smooth or crunchy though.

Virgin ramps 4G to a whopping 90Mbps - and switches it off


Re: No matter how much bandwidth you generate

Why do people feel the need apostophise acronyms? What is wrong with "LOLs"?

(The fact your post was largely drivel is a seperate issue.)

Haynes Build Your Own Computer book review


",...build there own?"


Ever considered putting a rocket up someone's backside?


Re: It isn't as easy as it looks

"blown his arse off" - brilliant.

Tablets, copycats and Weird Al Yankovic


Since when did judges decide what is and what is not cool?

Traditionally (in the UK anyway, perhaps it's not as bad in the US) judges are hopelessly out of touch, e.g. "Who is Gazza" at the height of Paul Gasgoigne's fame.

Olympus MEG4.0 smart glasses will photoshop the REAL WORLD


Re: prescription glasses

Perhaps they will come in prescription versions, if the glass can be ground to different prescriptions, or, ultimately, can be calibrated to modify what any wearer sees to put it in focus (which might kill off the regular lens-making industry).

As a "speccy four eyes" myself I'm optimistic we'll be accounted for.

Startup pitches £64 hackable Android console



It was a strange line, given the price is both in the article and the title.

Oh well, to err is to be human, or vulture, or some such.

RIM boss denies cratering Canucks are in 'a death spiral'


Re: And...?

Just a reminder RIM (te-he) still exist before they disappear from the radar altogether.

Vatican subtly shifts its position on The Blues Brothers


The day I start taking advice or guidance from the vatican on, er, anything, is the day my sorry life should be over.

UK websites: No one bothers with cookie law, why should we?


Re: 55 websites?


Even claims in dodgy ads for making eyelashes 'lusher', or some such manage a larger sample size than that.

Can almost imagine the scene at the KPMG 'research centre': "Shit, we've got 7 minutes before we have to hand in this report, been caning the gak for the last 8 hours and 23 minutes....right, let's see how many sites we can squeeze in".

And these twats audit how many of the FTSE 100?

Crooks sell skint fanbois potatoes instead of iPhones


Oldest. One. In. The. Book.

The people who perpatrate this crime are utter wankers, and their victims are stupid, greedy idiots.